Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The whipped boys do not complain, they and their families do not protest, they accept that the right of their masters is unlimited.

The Russian nobles were feudal lords with full powers over all the families who inhabited their lands. During the long winters, when food was scarce and hunger threatened the survival of all, they would stay in their comfortable and heated palaces. The noble families spent months of tedious parties and endless drunkenness, without being able to leave during the snowstorms. One of the diversions was to bring the children of the servants, or the orphaned children, to torture and whip them for no reason or justification. Seeing a child being whipped, crying and sobbing in pain, hearing their moans and supplications is delicious.
The whole noble family could have fun with the scene. Curiously observe the effect of each type of whip, as each blow marks the boy's thin, delicate white skin.
The maid and servants help to tie and beat the young man without showing any mercy.
The boys chosen to entertain the parties do not complain. 
Their families do not protest, they accept that the right of their masters is unlimited.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

I can not understand or deny that I get horny and hard when he walks into the cell.

I do not know why I was arrested, nor how long I have been in this cell. I do not understand why they're beating me so hard. 
It's not an interrogation, he does not ask any questions. 
He only comes here two or three times a day, beat me and rapes me.
My back hurts a lot, I feel hungry, cold, aching at the wrists and the butt. But I can not understand or deny that I get horny and hard when he walks into the cell.

Friday, December 1, 2017

The prisoners of the GULAGS sold as slaves.

Prisoners of the Revolutionary Government were transported to Siberia by trains in large numbers, thousands of men sent to serve long sentences. 
The bureaucrats and judges' expectation was that most of them would never come back. Many would die in the labor camps, others from hunger and torture. Others would die trying to escape, fleeing through the fields and galvanized and unpopulated forests. 
For all this there was no problem if a few hundred of them were simply sold by the soldiers to the farmers or to the nomadic peoples of Siberia. The younger, stronger, healthier prisoners were simply marketed, obviously naked, because the clothes on those polar lands were more valuable and important than their users.
Some were used as slaves on farms or to pull carts, worked to the point of exhaustion and death. Once dead, or even dying their bodies were often given as food to dogs.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The heretic being whipped naked by the inquisitor.

The damned heretic was hanging for hours by a rope tied to his wrists, swinging in the air, as if he were flying. When the movement slowed, the whipping made it roll again like a pendulum spinning around itself. The long strips of the whip wound on the unfortunate man's body and were drawn with malice, making him roll swiftly.
The whirls and the swing made the blood, the saliva, the urine, and the sweat sneeze through the chamber.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The monumental and perfect, torture chamber.

The torture chamber was monumental and perfect, had a very high ceiling and was wide. 
They could hang the accused  for a long time, and whip him with much calm and cruelty. 
The space was big enough to use all kinds of whips and scourge, the longest and heaviest with no problems. The victims sweated, bleed, screamed, cried, urinate and defecated out of fear and despair, the floor was always very wet and dirty. 
The acoustics were wonderful, the stone walls reverberating with the sound of the whips, the sound of the whiplash, and the screams and moans of the victims. Everything sounded very clear, loud and strongly. It was like a song for the whole tower to listen to. It was lovely to hear.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Good clinics for the castration of slaves.

When the animal does not behave well or becomes disobedient, many owners recommend castrate the imbecile. The problem is that often castration poorly executed can spoil the creature. With the lack of slaves and the prices of the pieces, we recommend sending to experienced veterinarians with modern and well equipped clinics.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The slave has been forgotten tied up in the cell.

The animal is old now, it has been working under the sun and whips for more than 40 years. Years ago they cut off his tongue, it no longer sees well, and does not have the same strength as before.
For not producing enough, it was condemned to another brutal beating of lashes, but it has been locked in the cell for two days and tied up waiting for his execution. It is dying of hunger, his legs and arms hurt and tingle, for they are without blood circulation. It feels cramps and terrible back pain.
The animal worth so little that they can forget him there for enough time so that he will simply die without anyone remembering him.
It's not worth a damn.

The slave cries and moans loudly, trying to get someone's attention. It prefers to die under the lashes or exhausted by heavy labor, than die there of hunger, thirst, and gangrene simply because he has been forgotten tied up in his cell.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A tribute to Makoto Kai, one of the best SM designers in the world!

I received a friend's Makoto Kai drawing. I did the text and I interpreted as I could.

An ugly bare boy tied up. To celebrate the largest number of visits per day.

This month the blog hit all of its visitation records, with more than 1000 visits per day. I want to celebrate showing a reworked old drawing.
I love being able to share my fantasies and fetishes with this audience.

Monday, October 23, 2017

The animal chained naked to the lifeboat.

Another test. I inserted the slave on the deck of a ship. He was chained naked to the lifeboat. You will have to endure the cold during the night for part of the trip.

The office boy naked and flogged in public.

An unfinished drawing, one of these company parties with absurdities and humiliations. The office boy, completely drunk, was naked and flogged in front of the other employees.

Friday, October 20, 2017

The prisoner watching his colleague being castrated.

My first test of drawing is my other designs I did.
Imagine the prisoner waiting his turn to be castrated, excites me.

Compare with the original drawing.

Did it work graphically? Leave your opinion.

The group met to decide what to do with the prisoner.

My first test of embedding my drawings in photographic backgrounds.
Imagining this prisoner awaiting the group's decision about his future, excites me.
Did it work graphically? Leave your opinion.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The boy was the slave, the bishop's toy.

The Bishop was already a friend of the very poor and very religious family. When the boy was born blind the bishop piously offered to take care of him and the family, helping financially, he was the boy's godfather, and he advised how he should be created to become a saint.
He forbade him to go to school, to study, to have contact with other children and to have the family keep him isolated from the world and his sins.
From very early on he announced the boy's "religious vocation" and took him to live in the episcopal residence. He kept it locked in his room, isolated from everyone. He personally fed the boy and showered her. No one could enter the room or see the boy.

The boy was his toy, his slave, belonged to the Bishop, no one could question or doubt the merciful and holy intentions of ecclesiastical authority.
The novice slept in the holy bishop's room, taking care of the bath of his holiness. Every day he sucked his holy penis, licked the holy anus, and was regularly raped from adolescence.
All his sinful deeds and thoughts were severely punished and his body mortified by endless penances.
He always wore the cilicios very tight, mortifying his thighs and his chest.
His owner whipped him every day with much cruelty.
The boy cried in silence, resignedly, prayed and sang religious chants while being whipped. He never protested or tried to change his life.
God did so the boy, with his body and his desires corrupted by the devil and sin. He would be doomed to damnation, sin, and hell if his beloved bishop had not assumed his guard.
The Bishop explained that being punished every day, even an incorrigible sinner, would become holy, and would go to heaven.
The boy thanked and prayed. Amen!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Similarities between the drawings and fantasies of Kernled and mine.

I'm going to post some drawings of mine and my colleague Kernled to show how BDSM fantasies are similar.
Put to show how he and I treat the same themes, how we have fantasies in common. See more on our blogs.

A gift I earned from designer Kernled.

It's been a while since I met Kernled's Tumblr. We have the same ages and the same taste for BDSM. Both we draw and share our fantasies.
He gave me the gift of reworking a drawing of mine. I was very honored and happy with the result. Here I put both of you to know his work.

Similarities between the drawings and fantasies of Kernled and mine.

I'm going to post some drawings of mine and my colleague Kernled to show how BDSM fantasies are similar.

Similarities between the drawings and fantasies of Kernled and mine.

I'm going to post some drawings of mine and my colleague Kernled to show how BDSM fantasies are similar.

Similarities between the drawings and fantasies of Kernled and mine.

I'm going to post some drawings of mine and my colleague Kernled to show how BDSM fantasies are similar.

Similarities between the drawings and fantasies of Kernled and mine.

I'm going to post some drawings of mine and my colleague Kernled to show how BDSM fantasies are similar.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

"I'm an animal. I'm not people. I am not son of god."

We have to understand that some human beings simply are not born to be human, and have to accept their inferior condition.
This is the case that was reported on a farm, in the country's countryside in the early twentieth century: one boy, still five years old, was sold by his alcoholic father for drink debts. His mother was relieved to have a mouth to feed. She simply took the boy's clothes, smoking, drunk and pregnant, she delivered the naked child with a rope tied around his neck, like a leash for him not to run away.
It was the owner of the farm that bought it and baptized it from Mule. Because it was like a mule he'd spent a lifetime. He arrived naked and bound, and so he spent the rest of his life.
He never had the opportunity to question his condition as a beast of burden. When he tried to protest, he was brutally beaten. At the age of fifteen, when the young man tried to flee, he was kept chained, naked, and blinded. For it was after the escape attempt, that the foreman of the farm convinced the owner of the Mule that animals need not see anything, and blinded they were more defenseless, obedient, and unable to escape.

Another function of an animal like him was to be raped almost every night.
Any farm employee could go to the corral and rape the animal, use his ass or his mouth to satiate all his needs.
Blinded and chained he could not resist, complain or denounce his rapists. Some, out of wickedness, even suggested that he be neutered, but others argued that he would overweight and could become too depressed and die.

Ever since he arrived at the farm, still a boy, they said that he could not say anything else, no one would accept him saying anything, and his words were interrupted with slaps or punches. No one wanted to have any conversation or bond with him. So over the years he had practically forgotten to speak. But he moans and groaned like the other animals. Over the years, accepting resigned with his condition, he became more and more like the other animals on the farm.
Food never failed, and with heavy work he grew strong and healthy as a bull.
The employees joked that perhaps because he had never worn clothes or because worked in the sun, he was very hairy, and his hair and beard bulky and tight, his hair covering his chest, back, legs and arms. His tanned by the sun, laden with dust and frequent beating seemed more like a pig's leather than human skin.
His daily work consisted of pulling the plow, pulling the wagons, carrying heavy bales of earth or seeds. All the heaviest work was reserved for him. When he weakened or gave in due to the weight of the loads, the lashes convinced him to get up and return to work. He used to be whipped practically all the time, for whatever reason or even for no reason.
On Sundays, when no one on the farm worked, it was common for the employees' boredom to be broken with one of the most common amusements, to mistreat, abuse, and beat the Mule.
The guys gathered to drink and talk in the stable. First they washed the animal, then ordered him to suck each cock of them, to drink all the cum dropped. After hours of sucking, some of the boys would rape him and finally tie the poor and tired animal to some tree and distract themselves by arguing for hours about the best whip, and who had more skill with the whips, which could more precisely hit specific parts of the animal.
His hung, washed, sweaty body made it possible to better visualize the welts and scars left by the lashes, but since all his leather was already completely covered by welts and marks of the countless beating it was very difficult to say if the lash had indeed hit the nipple or tip of the animal's cock.

After many years, a new farm employee was shocked by the cruel and inclement treatment given to the Mule. He could not bear to see a mature man being treated that way, he was very religious and could not bear to see a son of God in those conditions.
One Sunday in the stable, when everyone drank and talked distractedly and excitedly, while the obedient animal sucked the cock of everyone in the group. The novice employee annoyed at what was happening, privately asked the older employee if this was not absurd.
The older employee laughed out loud, unconstrained. He called the animal aloud. The Mule pulled the dick out of his mouth and crawled obediently, on all fours like a dog, to the man.
The man grabbed his hair by raising his head and asked firmly with his face glued to the animal.
"The rookie, on the other side, said it's not right to treat a son of god like a fucking pig. What do you think?"
The Mule, without taking his hands off the ground, with semen and saliva dripping from his mouth, spoke quietly.
"I'm an animal. I'm not people. I am not son of god."

Everyone was amazed by the answer, many of them believed that the animal could not speak, but past the stupor, laughter and excitement filled the space.
That day all of them, including the rookie, raped and lashed the animal.
Not even the Mule remembered the name he once had; as time passed he forgot that he might have had another life. He was accustomed and conformed to his bovine life.
He really became an animal and as such he lived until his last day.
Maybe even happy.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The animal hopes to have been sold.

Its owners never bothered to tell or explain much, a stupid and despicable being does not have to understand what is going to happen to it, just obey the orders and commands. He received the orders in short, loud screams, as horses or dogs are trained to obey.
As a child they cut off his tongue so he would not moan, complain, or say anything. Yet he moans, uttering incomprehensible sounds, like other animals.
He is accustomed to frequent and brutal beatings, but still, he cries when his punishment are most cruel.
A slave who labored in the field, heavily, without rest for years, under the sun, in the rain, in the heat, or in the cold, under the constant scourge has his skin resting, marked and thick as the leather of a pig.
Your muscles and bones are accustomed to stress and heavy loads, but, over time, they are already damage and sore. He, besides being stupid, sees very badly, is practically deaf, can no longer handle the pace and weight of work in the same way.

So he believes it has been sold. He was taken to a dark place and tied to this post. Many men came to examine him and spoke loudly, looked at his teeth, ears and eyes.

He hopes to have been sold.

Now he does not know what awaits him.
Some old slaves like him, in worse condition, are killed for no longer serving. Others are blinded, castrated, and laid to haul carts in their last years of servitude. Transformed into real beasts of burden, like horses or donkeys.
He's been tied up for two days, without water or food. He is hungry, thirsty and suffering in terrible pain because he is immobilized in this position. He can not sleep, rest, he has never been able to think, under these conditions he is even more anxious and confused.

He only moans and cries.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The butchers of the court castrated deserters and sentenced prisoners.

In the medieval period, the butchers of the court were also the surgeons of the palaces. They looked after people and animals who needed surgery. There are reports and records that after battles, even during the wars, captured deserter soldiers, considered incorrigible cowards, could be sentenced to castration.
The same butchers who performed the castrations of horses, oxen and pigs, castrated deserters and sentenced prisoners.
The technique required the ability not to obstruct the urinary channel by sewing the incision, allowing the miserable urinate. To stop the bleeding, those who did not die during castration were hung upside down for many hours.

This drawing I did inspired by a drawing of my friend, Sherwin of Praha.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I decided to improve the drawing, giving it more credibility and realism.

Some times it seems that historical drawings were made to coldly and impartially record the witnessed scenes.
This beautiful picture shows a Russian servant about to be whipped.
The draftsman seems to want to show how the animal was tied, immobilized, and how he accepted his fate resigned. The various represented spectators attend the scene as if scenes like this were frequent and banal.
I decided to improve the drawing, giving it more credibility and realism.
The scene would have to have blood, a lot of blood dripping and soaking the body and the clothes on the animal, or it is not a real scene of scourging.
Hanging by the wrists and having to support his weight and the weight of the trunk between his legs the wrists should be bleeding in a short time and the hands purple and darkened.
Those who watch this kind of scene should be enjoying themselves, smiling.
Does not it seem more realistic? Truer, human, and brutal?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Darya Saltykova accompanied with great enthusiasm the wipping of her serfs (крепостной крестьянин).

During the regime of serfdom, the Noble Russian Feudal Lords could do whatever they pleased with their servants. The peasants were no different from other properties, such as cattle, horses, or pigs.
At the end of autumn, after the annual harvests, the imperial cavalry of the Tsar ran through the estates and collected taxes, fees, and collected part of the produce of each farm.
Most of the production was stockpiled in the silos and deposits of the great noble palaces, or sent on convoy to Moscow or Petrograd.
The peasants could held the smallest part of the harvest, their share was so small that they often feared starving during the harsh winter that was announced. Some peasants revolted against misery and poverty, against the unfair exploitation they suffered. Others tried to hide part of the production, trying to deceive the fiscals and the landlords.

Servants denounced for revolt or dishonesty were arrested and tried by their owners. Those who established the sentences, the number of lashes or established the execution and death of the wretched were their owners, the noble families.
These executions were carried out by the ranch foremen and the imperial soldiers, in the last cold weeks of autumn. On this occasion, when the number of armed soldiers reinforced the troops of the nobility, was easier and safer to make the brutal punishment of the offenders.
Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova became famous for personally attending all executions, accompanied by all her maids, and other relatives.
All present, nobles or soldiers, could see her undisguised pleasure in watching the suffering and despair of the damned. She commanded such cruel and numerous whipping that most of the condemned died during the punishments.
Many of the punished received brutal sentences even without important or grounded reasons. Some were just the target of gossip or envy of neighbors or other employees. Even without reason or justification a servant could be whipped cruelly for hours, until his death.
Darya Saltykova accompanied with such enthusiasm the suffering of the condemned who, without disguising her pleasure, she ordered additional cruelties. Once she ordered them to take the eyes off a young man with very blue eyes, she said that they were too beautiful for such a lazy animal. If she notice that one of the flogged ones got excited, with his penises erect, she would have him castrated. She said that only she could take pleasure in the beating.

My drawing was made respecting the images and descriptions researched on the internet.
Attach these two images which demonstrate the traditional mode of immobilization for the scourging of Russian servos.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

My testimony about a happy 24/7 relationship.

I am about 50 years old and I live on a 24/7 basis for my Owner for almost five years.
I am flogged every day, when I wake up I have to get naked, I got my nipples pierced and I get down on all fours over the bed to receive no less than a hundred lashes in the back. After that I lie on my back, with my belly up, my Owner pulls off the nipples clamps twisting hard, and whips the nipples about 50 times. After that, I kiss him, grateful, put the clamps again my aching nipples, and then I get on all fours again, to be whipped on the other side, to have the clamps torn out again with cruelty and flogged on the bruises and sores nipples again.
We cover the bed with a waterproof cover, before the beating, because I've bled countless times.
I tell you that I wake up excited every morning to know that I will be whipped.
We love the routine of beatings. Sometimes, when we have more time or on weekends, the beatings are bigger and crueler.
When my Owner is especially disposed and excited he has already given more than 2000 lashes in a single day.
The beatings are only for his delight, not mine. My only pleasure must be to serve him.
He lets me enjoy it about four or five times for years, only when he decides. I can only cum when he tells me to.

When he decides that I have to cum, he announces how many lashes I'm going to get that day and, before the beating, he orders me to masturbate while he whips me.
I had to learn to get the erection and ejaculate being flogged, he just stops beating when I ejaculate.
After cleaning the sperm, he gives the beating he has established, hundreds of lashes without mercy. He says he feels special pleasure in whipping me after my enjoyment, to make it clear that spanking is for his pleasure, not mine.
I feel horny for knowing that I am his fucking animal, his toy and slave. More than the beatings, what excites is the surrender, the acceptance resigned and obedient to his cruelty.

When I surrendered to him, other dominators said no SM relationship remains hot after two or three years. They said that over time, the routine turns all relationships into vanilla. I assure you that ours continues to grow in the cruelty and violence of beatings.
I'm more in love and happy than ever.
I think it is important to give this testimony so that other animals like me can bet on the truthful delivery and the life of bondage and service they have always dreamed of.
Do you feel the same?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova became famous as the cruelest of all Russian nobles.

The Russian feudal aristocracy had absolute power over the servants who lived on their lands. During the long and cruel winters the nobility became very bored by being isolated in remote and depopulated lands.

In addition to isolation, peasant families faced famine, cold and scarcity during the long winters. They had no guarantee of food or fuelwood to warm and keep families for months under heavy snow and frozen land.

For all this, they gladly accepted that their handsome young boys and girls spent this period in the Feudal Lords`s palaces. They knew they could be used sexually, abused and tortured, but they could not refuse to surrender the unfortunate chosen ones. Often these young people were exchanged for vodka and meat. There are reports of parents and grandparents, alcoholics or ravenous, taking their children and grandchildren to the doors of noble palaces offering them in exchange for food, drink or firewood.

Many of these young people did not return to their families in the spring.

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova became famous as the cruelest of all Russian nobles, she was compared to Hungarian Elizabeth Barthory, known for torturing and killing her servants. Apparently they took special pleasure in attending long and brutal torture sessions. In a country that had no law to condemn the nobles, or protect the peasants, Satykova was arrested and convicted in 1786 for dozens of murders and hundreds of cruel crimes.

Here, I picture her having fun with young peasants.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another way to tie the genitals.

Now that some of the followers have posted photos showing they were inspired by the drawings, I put this one as a suggestion.
Hanging in this way, by the wrists and ankles, the ass is exposed to the tortures, but the scrotum and the penis are sheltered and protected.
Tying in this way both are pulled out getting exposed to torture and manipulation.

That's the new challenge.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

She pierced his cock cruelly, painfully, and felt immense pleasure.

The company director discovered that the trainee had stolen cash from the cashier, and diverted a check of little value.
She threatened and blackmailed him for weeks, said that if she called the police, he would lose his job, he would be arrested and would never get another job. He was desperate, in panic, he knew that the pastor and the family would never forgive him; besides, he needed his salary a lot, he was in debt and very afraid.
He begged her to forgive him and to lend him the necessary money.

She showed that she had all the evidences that could condemn him, but surprisingly she said she could forgive and still lend him the money to pay his debts if he agreed to be punished by her personally.
She said she would like to torture him, that she would feel pleasure to see him suffer and cry out of remorse for what he had done. This pleasure she would feel would reward the pardon of the crime and the money she would lend him.

He had no way out or alternative, without hesitation accepted the exchange. Spending a night with her suffering and being tortured, allowing her to perform her most sadistic fantasies in exchange for forgiveness.

She was a mature woman, experienced, rich and very elegant, very calm, spoke softly, but very firmly. He could never imagined what she would be capable of.

When everyone had left the company, they were completely alone in the huge offices, she ordered him to open his shirt, to pull down his pants, to sit on the bench, and tied him carefully.
When he was completely immobilized she began to caress his penis, massaging him gently and skillfully. He got aroused, then had a delicious erection, so she tied a string at the base of his scrotum to keep him from wilting and she brought needles and sewing threads.

She began to sew his young and beautiful scrotum and penis as she was stitshing a sock, the pain was unbearable, the boy cried and screamed desperately, but the mistress continued to sew quietly, as if nothing else mattered. No one could hear him, no one would disturb her delight.

He did not believe what he saw or felt. He was desperate. The tremendous pain was mingled with the fear of losing his beloved penis and his sexual potency. He screamed for mercy, cursed the woman, spat at her face while he struggled bootlessly.

He was horrified to notice the smile of pleasure, indifferent to his entreaties, insensible to his pain, imprinted on the face of the woman.

She stuffed needles into his nipples, often pierced his cock cruelly, painfully, and she felt immense pleasure, she turned-on by the sweat, tears, and blood that flowed from the boy's body.

To feel the pleasure of seeing that face wet with tears, drool and sweat, frightened by such cruelty, was far better than any other pleasure. It was priceless.

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Sixth part.

When the slave is devoted to sex and prostitution, the most sexual areas must be highlighted.
Pierce the nipples, ears, and penis and place large, heavy rings on all ends.
Pull the tongue out of the mouth and hold it as you did with the penis. All of the parts that may interest the buyer should be on display and highlighted.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Selling slaves.

I try to imagine what the slave thinks, if it thinks, when it is placed on the stage to be sold.
Completely naked and tied up in front of the buyers' audience, it's just a set of muscles and flesh being marketed.
It is when it should pray, if beasts have religion, to the new owner be less cruel and violent than the previous one. 
The animal should hope that the new buyers will give him less heavy and unworthy jobs. 
Let him be less raped, tortured and humiliated. Let the new owners scourge and torture him only when it deserves, punish him fairly and only for the need to make him work and fulfill his duties.
Let the new owners do not want to castrate it, cut off his tongue or blind him as so many slave owners do.
That in the new cell it does not feel to much hungry or cold.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

This weekend I was cruelly flogged by my Owner.

My Owner whips me every day. Even after married years we continued to maintain our ritual of daily whipping. At least 200 lashes a day.
But to celebrate the religious holiday, and to have more time available, he decided to be more rough this weekend.

Yesterday, when we woke up, my owner shoved a dildo into my ass, gave me 400 lashes on the back, spilled wax on my breasts, and then removed the wax trapped in my hairs by brutally lashing them.
This morning my owner gave me 800 lashes.
I bleed a lot today.

I love him so much, that I endure the beatings without complaining, without being bound, without any resistance. This year I have not been allowed to come it once, the beatings and torture are just for his pleasure. My body belongs to him, he can do whatever pleases him.

After the beating, I kissed him, thanked him for his attention, and went to breakfast.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A couple of Portuguese choosing the new slaves for the house.

I'm making a new drawing with slaves being sold.
I imagined a couple of Portuguese going together choosing the new pieces for the house.
They examine and discuss whether they want blacks to be castrated before being taken home.
Is the drawing getting any better? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The day they castrated the slave.

Farm men argued for months, whether or not they should castrate the animal.
The slave worked every day, pulling the plow. He never complained.
Since they blinded him he did not try to escape anymore.
Some of the boys liked to fuck him, others made him suck his dicks.
But none showed any use for his genitals.
Some said he would grow fat like a pig for being neutered. Others asked for castration on the grounds that he would be more docile and obedient.
One day two of the foremen simply decided to do the service.
They tied him up and cut off his testicles and penis.

Teh animal became more docile and obedient than cows.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A young man hung for weeks, being beaten and scourged for everything he's done.

A young man hung for weeks, being beaten and scourged for everything he's done.
It was not difficult to make him drunk or to tie him up. To hang it on the roof rafter, the friends had to help. For many years all the women in the neighborhood have suffered the bastardies of this son of a bitch. No one, not the priests, not the shepherds, not even the police did anything to reform the bastard.
They do not want to fix it anymore, they just want revenge. Slaughter him for many days, castrating him and then letting him suffer and bleed to death.
Just do not kill him quickly to enjoy and taste the scene, with all the calm and pleasure of a full and long-awaited revenge.

Seeing him cry, beg and groan in pain is an exciting pleasure.
They took turns for many hours. Each of them wanted to spank him with a different whip or some other accessory.

It was a party.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Slave immobilized ready to be whipped.

When whipping and torturing your animals, take care to immobilize them.
Beat on the most sensitive parts, breasts and genitals.
Pass salt and lemon so that the wounds burn, sensitive and sore.
In this case, the animal was blind, nor was it necessary to bandage it. If it does, it's much better to blow it blindfolded.
Strike hard and cruelly, do not be weak or merciful.
They become much more docile and obedient if they are regularly beaten.