Sunday, April 16, 2017

This weekend I was cruelly flogged by my Owner.

My Owner whips me every day. Even after married years we continued to maintain our ritual of daily whipping. At least 200 lashes a day.
But to celebrate the religious holiday, and to have more time available, he decided to be more rough this weekend.

Yesterday, when we woke up, my owner shoved a dildo into my ass, gave me 400 lashes on the back, spilled wax on my breasts, and then removed the wax trapped in my hairs by brutally lashing them.
This morning my owner gave me 800 lashes.
I bleed a lot today.

I love him so much, that I endure the beatings without complaining, without being bound, without any resistance. This year I have not been allowed to come it once, the beatings and torture are just for his pleasure. My body belongs to him, he can do whatever pleases him.

After the beating, I kissed him, thanked him for his attention, and went to breakfast.

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  1. Pote....thank you for sharing the photos of your beautifully LASHED body... there is both pride and humiliation in being made NAKED and readied for the STINGING WHIP..... knowing that men are watching your punishment..or that they see you striped and bleeding after the ordeal of the scourge. It reminds me of the histories I've read of public WHIPPINGS where men were paraded past dozens of other men who watched eagerly as the sentence was read, the body was stripped, and the then stretched high for the long thin WHIP to curl around and cut the writhing body...the cries for mercy were ignored, and the LASHING continued....