Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova became famous as the cruelest of all Russian nobles.

The Russian feudal aristocracy had absolute power over the servants who lived on their lands. During the long and cruel winters the nobility became very bored by being isolated in remote and depopulated lands.

In addition to isolation, peasant families faced famine, cold and scarcity during the long winters. They had no guarantee of food or fuelwood to warm and keep families for months under heavy snow and frozen land.

For all this, they gladly accepted that their handsome young boys and girls spent this period in the Feudal Lords`s palaces. They knew they could be used sexually, abused and tortured, but they could not refuse to surrender the unfortunate chosen ones. Often these young people were exchanged for vodka and meat. There are reports of parents and grandparents, alcoholics or ravenous, taking their children and grandchildren to the doors of noble palaces offering them in exchange for food, drink or firewood.

Many of these young people did not return to their families in the spring.

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova became famous as the cruelest of all Russian nobles, she was compared to Hungarian Elizabeth Barthory, known for torturing and killing her servants. Apparently they took special pleasure in attending long and brutal torture sessions. In a country that had no law to condemn the nobles, or protect the peasants, Satykova was arrested and convicted in 1786 for dozens of murders and hundreds of cruel crimes.

Here, I picture her having fun with young peasants.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another way to tie the genitals.

Now that some of the followers have posted photos showing they were inspired by the drawings, I put this one as a suggestion.
Hanging in this way, by the wrists and ankles, the ass is exposed to the tortures, but the scrotum and the penis are sheltered and protected.
Tying in this way both are pulled out getting exposed to torture and manipulation.

That's the new challenge.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

She pierced his cock cruelly, painfully, and felt immense pleasure.

The company director discovered that the trainee had stolen cash from the cashier, and diverted a check of little value.
She threatened and blackmailed him for weeks, said that if she called the police, he would lose his job, he would be arrested and would never get another job. He was desperate, in panic, he knew that the pastor and the family would never forgive him; besides, he needed his salary a lot, he was in debt and very afraid.
He begged her to forgive him and to lend him the necessary money.

She showed that she had all the evidences that could condemn him, but surprisingly she said she could forgive and still lend him the money to pay his debts if he agreed to be punished by her personally.
She said she would like to torture him, that she would feel pleasure to see him suffer and cry out of remorse for what he had done. This pleasure she would feel would reward the pardon of the crime and the money she would lend him.

He had no way out or alternative, without hesitation accepted the exchange. Spending a night with her suffering and being tortured, allowing her to perform her most sadistic fantasies in exchange for forgiveness.

She was a mature woman, experienced, rich and very elegant, very calm, spoke softly, but very firmly. He could never imagined what she would be capable of.

When everyone had left the company, they were completely alone in the huge offices, she ordered him to open his shirt, to pull down his pants, to sit on the bench, and tied him carefully.
When he was completely immobilized she began to caress his penis, massaging him gently and skillfully. He got aroused, then had a delicious erection, so she tied a string at the base of his scrotum to keep him from wilting and she brought needles and sewing threads.

She began to sew his young and beautiful scrotum and penis as she was stitshing a sock, the pain was unbearable, the boy cried and screamed desperately, but the mistress continued to sew quietly, as if nothing else mattered. No one could hear him, no one would disturb her delight.

He did not believe what he saw or felt. He was desperate. The tremendous pain was mingled with the fear of losing his beloved penis and his sexual potency. He screamed for mercy, cursed the woman, spat at her face while he struggled bootlessly.

He was horrified to notice the smile of pleasure, indifferent to his entreaties, insensible to his pain, imprinted on the face of the woman.

She stuffed needles into his nipples, often pierced his cock cruelly, painfully, and she felt immense pleasure, she turned-on by the sweat, tears, and blood that flowed from the boy's body.

To feel the pleasure of seeing that face wet with tears, drool and sweat, frightened by such cruelty, was far better than any other pleasure. It was priceless.

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Sixth part.

When the slave is devoted to sex and prostitution, the most sexual areas must be highlighted.
Pierce the nipples, ears, and penis and place large, heavy rings on all ends.
Pull the tongue out of the mouth and hold it as you did with the penis. All of the parts that may interest the buyer should be on display and highlighted.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Selling slaves.

I try to imagine what the slave thinks, if it thinks, when it is placed on the stage to be sold.
Completely naked and tied up in front of the buyers' audience, it's just a set of muscles and flesh being marketed.
It is when it should pray, if beasts have religion, to the new owner be less cruel and violent than the previous one. 
The animal should hope that the new buyers will give him less heavy and unworthy jobs. 
Let him be less raped, tortured and humiliated. Let the new owners scourge and torture him only when it deserves, punish him fairly and only for the need to make him work and fulfill his duties.
Let the new owners do not want to castrate it, cut off his tongue or blind him as so many slave owners do.
That in the new cell it does not feel to much hungry or cold.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

This weekend I was cruelly flogged by my Owner.

My Owner whips me every day. Even after married years we continued to maintain our ritual of daily whipping. At least 200 lashes a day.
But to celebrate the religious holiday, and to have more time available, he decided to be more rough this weekend.

Yesterday, when we woke up, my owner shoved a dildo into my ass, gave me 400 lashes on the back, spilled wax on my breasts, and then removed the wax trapped in my hairs by brutally lashing them.
This morning my owner gave me 800 lashes.
I bleed a lot today.

I love him so much, that I endure the beatings without complaining, without being bound, without any resistance. This year I have not been allowed to come it once, the beatings and torture are just for his pleasure. My body belongs to him, he can do whatever pleases him.

After the beating, I kissed him, thanked him for his attention, and went to breakfast.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A couple of Portuguese choosing the new slaves for the house.

I'm making a new drawing with slaves being sold.
I imagined a couple of Portuguese going together choosing the new pieces for the house.
They examine and discuss whether they want blacks to be castrated before being taken home.
Is the drawing getting any better? Any suggestions?