Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The day they castrated the slave.

Farm men argued for months, whether or not they should castrate the animal.
The slave worked every day, pulling the plow. He never complained.
Since they blinded him he did not try to escape anymore.
Some of the boys liked to fuck him, others made him suck his dicks.
But none showed any use for his genitals.
Some said he would grow fat like a pig for being neutered. Others asked for castration on the grounds that he would be more docile and obedient.
One day two of the foremen simply decided to do the service.
They tied him up and cut off his testicles and penis.

Teh animal became more docile and obedient than cows.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A young man hung for weeks, being beaten and scourged for everything he's done.

A young man hung for weeks, being beaten and scourged for everything he's done.
It was not difficult to make him drunk or to tie him up. To hang it on the roof rafter, the friends had to help. For many years all the women in the neighborhood have suffered the bastardies of this son of a bitch. No one, not the priests, not the shepherds, not even the police did anything to reform the bastard.
They do not want to fix it anymore, they just want revenge. Slaughter him for many days, castrating him and then letting him suffer and bleed to death.
Just do not kill him quickly to enjoy and taste the scene, with all the calm and pleasure of a full and long-awaited revenge.

Seeing him cry, beg and groan in pain is an exciting pleasure.
They took turns for many hours. Each of them wanted to spank him with a different whip or some other accessory.

It was a party.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Slave immobilized ready to be whipped.

When whipping and torturing your animals, take care to immobilize them.
Beat on the most sensitive parts, breasts and genitals.
Pass salt and lemon so that the wounds burn, sensitive and sore.
In this case, the animal was blind, nor was it necessary to bandage it. If it does, it's much better to blow it blindfolded.
Strike hard and cruelly, do not be weak or merciful.
They become much more docile and obedient if they are regularly beaten.

Friday, March 3, 2017

The slave resting after being used by his Owner.

My Owner left me here for days, I do not know what they’re going to do to me. They already flogged me, fucked me, forced me to suck their dicks, their ass and their pussy. I’m dizzy, exhausted, hungry and sore. My mouth hurts from so much sucking, my ass burns and hurts. My back and all my body hurts by the whipping wounds. My nipples ache for being bitten and burned.
But I do not understand why I’m so happy and still so excited.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

How we must keep our animals and slaves.

Some of my followers asked me to show how an animal should be kept. A slave should not be treated differently from other animals. The blind animal I showed in the latest posts was kept among the pigs. He ate what the pigs ate, drank what the pigs drank. Being blinded the animal did not have to be tied, he could not escape. The filth of the mud mixed with the shit and urine of the all animals gave a awful odor.
Keeping the slave dirty and muddy helped to protect it from the strong sun while working in the field. Treating it like crap, overthrows his self-esteem, his willpower, rebellion and resistance. He becomes more resigned, humiliated and obedient.

His wounds and bruises were covered with shit and mud without problem. After the beatings and whipping, the boys used to piss on the wounds to disinfect them.

He was only washed when the workers wanted to fuck him. His mouth and ass were washed before they were penetrated by the farm men.