Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Women whipping men for pleasure.

The court ladies served as concubines and prostitutes to the nobles of the palace. To satisfy the needs of every noble, they had to know everything about sex, all the secrets and practices that could give pleasure to their masters.
They studied, learned and practiced with the soldiers and the servants.
There are many reports of then used as didactic material, guinea pigs to the practices of court ladies.
This drawing shows the ladies practicing flogging of a strong soldier.
The ladies want to find the line between pain and pleasure.
The soldier has no choice, have to obey the orders by hook or by crook.
The palace gardens could serve as real classrooms.
The garden of delights or the hell´s garden?

Bound and naked slave, waiting to be used.

All the masochists, like me, have the fantasy of remain naked and tied up while waiting for your Master using it. Remain tied, in pain, for long periods is more interesting as fantasy than as practical, but it is exciting.
I think nice to see the bound and helpless animal.
Two very different styles of drawings, which one you enjoy more?

Beaten and castrated in public.

When a community member does something that displeases drug dealers, he is punished in public. The executions are attended by all without discussion or questionings. Cannot deny that there is some sadistic pleasure from the audience.

In the article that illustrated, one of the cutest guys in the neighborhood had had an affair with the wife of imprisoned drug dealer. From prison, a chief ordered, after brutally beating him for a few days, ripped out the boy's scrotum.