Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sex slaves

These black animals were chosen, trained and sold to serve.
The explorers had to travel for several months or years, in the most dense and dangerous forest, searching for gold.
They needed a lot of mules and strong slaves to carry all the material.
Slaves beyond serving as beasts of burden were used to sexually serve the troops.
The expedition could not take women, they would die if become pregnant during so long and dangerous journeys. The terrible conditions of hygiene and venomous animals prevented the presence of women, whether indians or blacks.
Whites used to rape every indian they could find, women or men, young or old, even the children. The Catholic church guarantee that indians were filthy animals, soulless, like monkeys or pigs. They did not deserve respect or mercy.

The sexual fury and the lust of the explorers had no limits. Far from civilization, in a world without rules or sins, they could do whatever they wanted or they needed.
To calm down and reduce the troops stress they needed to do a lot of sex every night.
Thats why the black slaves was the regular alternatives.
Blacks were kept chained, with collars and partially tied all the time, to prevent escape. In the heat of the forest, with so many bonds was natural for blacks to walk almost naked.
The most rebellious slaves had their teeth pulled out to not be able to bite their owners. These toothless animals were preferred to suck the tired cocks at night.
They was tortured, spanked, whipped, fucked, they also fucked and sucked regularly all the Portuguese explorers.

The pioneers paid high prices for blacks well trained to please their needs.

These drawings are a tribute to Sherwin my friend in Prague.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A guy ready to be flogged.

Today I saw this boy on the subway. I figured that would be lovely, kneeling, bound and exposed to being beaten.
Nothing is more beautiful than a defenseless animal ready to use, right?

Friday, April 3, 2015

To transform a young prisioner in a submissive slave.

To transform even a rustic, young, strong and muscular prisioner, in a submissive,  obedient and stupid slave, in a genuine beast of burden.
Tied him naked to the pillory for some days, being whipped, tortured and raped merciless to often.
In this process his ass may be enlarged to be fisted easily.
Spank and crush his cock and balls till it loses any function.
His thirst satisfied only by the piss of the torturers.
Even the most stupid and restless animal, being treated so cruelly, so painfully, learns to obey without resistance, without delay and without shame.
Learns that he is just an animal without dignity or value.
Becomes a useful and obedient beast to work.