Saturday, June 2, 2012

The most exciting story.

Here the drawing completed . 
Thanks a lot Guru and Sherwin for this beautiful story. I love these stories.

Masters Inc.

The Board of Directors of The Masters Corporation had discussed the sales situation for three hours before they called for the Vice President Sales to join them in the boardroom. The five men waited for him to arrive, glancing over the disappointing figures for the past quarter. The economy might be hard, but there was no excuse for a ten per cent reduction in turnover.

When Johnson arrived, the Chairman asked him to explain his failure to get results. Five pairs of eyes examined him carefully, weighing him up, as the young VP went through his presentation. The usual problems…Europe, a strong currency, increased competition from the Chinese.

Despite his nervousness, the directors could see he was in fine shape, physically anyway. Under his Boss suit his muscular shoulders filled the jacket well and, when he turned to point out figures on the wall screen, they saw a firm round butt tightly stretching the fabric of his grey suit trousers. Turning back, they could also see his crutch filled the front of his pants and he dressed to the right.

When he reached the end of his talk, he stood in front of the screen, waiting their judgement. There was a murmur of voices then the Chairman addressed him.

“Mr. Johnson. Not good enough. We are considering your future with this organisation. Can you think of any reason we should not fire you?”

“Sir…sir,” he stammered, “Please Sir, give me another chance. I will do anything to please you and correct the situation. I love this job and this company, Sir.”

The Chairman stood up and walked to the head of the table where the VP was standing. He looked him in the eye and repeated his own words but as a question. “Anything to please us?”

Johnson nodded. He was starting to sweat a little. The Chairman opened the buttons of his suit trousers and pulled out a very long, hard cock.

“You can start, Johnson, by pleasing that.”

The VP looked down, his eyes widening at the huge organ. Without another word he fell to his knees and took the cock head in his mouth and started sucking. He worked hard and fast, choking on the Chairman’s meat until he came, both hands holding Johnson’s head in place as he pumped cum down his throat.

Before Johnson could recover, another director took the Chairman’s place and the three other directors lined up ready, cocks out. The young VP ended up taking all five loads between his lips before the Chairman ordered him to stand.

“Johnson, we will give you one month. We expect a fifteen per cent improvement by our next board meeting or else you will be stripped and bent over this table and whipped and fucked by the five of us. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you Sir, for giving me another chance, Sir. I will get those results, Sir.”

He left the boardroom and the Chairman chuckled.

“I’ve always believed in incentive schemes…”

Four weeks later, the Board gathered again. Johnson came in and saw, lined up on the boardroom table, a horsewhip, a cat-o-nine tails leather whip and a thick leather belt. There were also two coils of rope. He began his presentation and, when he had finished, the Chairman asked him,

“So, Mr. Johnson, final per centage increase since last month?”

“14.99%, Sir.”

“Not good enough, Mr. Johnson. You know what you have to do now, don’t you?”

The VP Sales looked nervously at the whips and at the directors then started to remove his suit jacket. He turned to place it on a chair and smiled to himself. This was going to be interesting. When he was naked the directors stood up and examined him carefully, running their hands over his firm pecs and nipples, his six pack belly, his firm ass cheeks and stroked his now very erect ten-inch cock. The Chairman removed the whips and told him to lie on his back. The Chairman then picked up his VP’s white Calvin Klein briefs and stuffed them into his mouth.

The other four directors took hold of each of his hands and feet and the Chairman, selecting the cat-o-nine tails, proceeded to whips his chest and body hard. He worked on his thighs and feet as well and, occasionally, a leather lash would strike his cock or balls and Johnson screamed into his Calvin’s. After ten minutes he was released and told to bend over one end of the table.

His feet were tied apart to the two table legs and his hands tied together then fastened in such a way that his was now stretched hard along the top. He heard the Chairman spit and felt a drop of mucus touch him between his ass cheeks. A cockhead was pushed into this crack, lubed quickly then thrust hard into Johnson’s tight asshole. He bucked and screamed again as he was raped hard then the other directors repeatedly fucked him. When all five had finished, the leather belt was used to whip his back and he got six horizontal strikes with the horsewhip which caused six thin red lines of blood to form across his now beaten ass.

“Stand up, Johnson. Get dressed. Next month, another 15% increase.”

It was the final board meeting of the year. In ten months, sales had increased at Master Inc. by 149.89%! At the last meeting, the Chairman had raised the target again, to 20% and, as Johnson finished his presentation the last power point slide gave the total for December. 19.99%.

After his brutal punishment, as he still laid tied and whipped over the table, sweating and heaving with pain and pleasure, the Chairman whispered in his ear,

“You’ve done quite well this year, Mr. Johnson. The other directors and myself have decided to give you a bonus.”

The door to the boardroom open and Max, the Chairman’s driver, walked in. At six foot six, he was a massive black man, a retired boxer who pumped iron and worked out four hours every day. Standing at the end of the table so Johnson could see him clearly, Max stripped off his black suit, revealing a massive cock over thirteen inches long and as thick as a bottle of Burgundy. He walked slowly down the length of the table and positioned himself behind the now trembling Vice-President Sales.

Despite the five cocks he had already received that day, his asshole clenched as the huge tip of Max’s cock rammed home. He fucked Johnson for over an hour, watched by the board of directors who were now drinking champagne to celebrate an exceptional year of growth. When Max finally began to come, he pulled out, leapt onto the table, knelt down and grabbed Johnson’s head. Ripping the soaked Calvin Klein pants from the VP’s mouth, he pushed his still hard cock down the man’s throat. Johnson choked and swallowed as thick streams of semen filled his mouth. Finally Max let him go, dressed and left.

The Chairman lent on the table and whispered again into his now exhausted VP’s ear.

“Next year, Mr. Johnson, we will expect even more from you.”

“Yes, Sir,” stammered the delighted sales VP, “I’ll almost do my best, Sir.”

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The use of the wheel for torture.

Two quick sketches on the Inquisition.

He agree that his body be used for the delight of his owner.

This one I did with a BIC pen.

The naked man resigned to accept another whip.

One of my favorite cartoons. Made in India ink for more than 20 years.

The slave resignedly awaiting his sentence.

It was important that the others watch the flogging. Educational.

To ensure the quality of the beating. The master order to whip the man who was whipping the animal.

After flogging. The little daughter of the boss thought animals were beautiful colored in purple and red.

The girl said happily - "Daddy, they are pretty colorful."

They look great tied waiting for the whip.