Friday, October 31, 2014

Naked slave, waiting to be whipped.

I suggest that when you flog a slave let the other tied, listening to the shouts and the crack of the whip.
Waiting to be beaten, enjoying the anticipation of pain, resigned, knowing that will not escape, it's very exciting.

A quick sketch of the notebook.

Another drawing of a bound and naked slave.
A quick sketch of the notebook.

Blind slave, naked and tied in the woods.

Leave the blind slave, naked and tied in the woods, as a gift to the gods of the forest, was considered normal.
Some died in a few days, other lasting for weeks. Nobody knew whether they were killed by hunger, thirst, animals or peasants.
Another drawing of the notebook, but rather treated in Photoshop.

The slave remained naked and hung for hours

After flog him, i kept the slave naked, bound and hung by his dick and balls for hours. I think he was beatiful in this condition. I hit wank watching him there.

Another drawing from my notebook.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A guy being whipped.

Other day I received a letter in manila envelope. I started drawing without much commitment a guy being whipped. 
I liked the result, clipped the envelope, and I ended up drawing. For this reason the drawing have folds and creases of the original envelope. 
I hope you enjoy.

Slaves treated like beasts of burden

Since my youth, I used to search for schoolbooks images of slaves at Brazil's colonial period. I wonder what was walk through the streets of Rio de Janeiro or Salvador and find those beasts of burden walking naked, sweaty and dirty, working in chains and being whipped.
The colonial caste society repressed any sensuality among whites, white women walked covered by burqas, like in Islam today. But blacks, men or women, were seen as animals such as cattle or mules.
For these creatures there was no god, mercy or dignity. Just work, exploitation and brutality.
All this has always excited me, these images led me to many hand jobs. Envied the black boys, living in the same miserable conditions of them.

The drawing is complete. Posted two stages, the initial version of the top and the final version.