Saturday, February 25, 2017

A gaucho being flogged by the cowboys.

In the southern region of Brazil, extending through Uruguay and Argentina, lie the pampas. Vastly flat area, perfect for cattle raising.
The men who take care of the cattle, who lead the animals through the pastures are called gauchos. They are rustic men, raw, accustomed to long periods away from home and cities. Without women, without the state or the church together, they have their own ethics and justice. When some of them do something they consider to be a crime, justice is done with their own hands and on time.
The troop leader was reported as one of the youngest, handsome boys in the troop, stole money from his colleague. They chatted, argued in a group, and the elders decided that the boy was guilty. Although the accused claimed innocence, although no one found the money stolen, the group decided that the boy should be flogged for several days until he admitted his crime and returned the stolen money.
So over the next few weeks everyone would gather to drink and talk as they watched the boy's hairy, strong body dance hanging on some tree branch while being whipped.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A naked animal waiting to serve its owner.

I'm testing ways to present the drawings I make. Here two versions of the same animal waiting to be used.
Which do you prefer?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A friend of Tumblr, the Fantasies of Slavery, asked me to castrate the animal.

A friend of Tumblr, from the Fantasies of Slavery, asked me to castrate the animal.
As he asked, I cut the balls off the animal.
Here follows the version he asked for.

The animal work without your genitals.

The golden rules for your slave to give you profit and joys.

It is not easy as it seems to get the most out of a slave. If you make the animal work all day heavily, without rest, the next day the shit can not even lift. Even whipping and spanking, the beast does not lift.

You must find the limit of the creature, the work that the animal can do in a single day, the number of breaks, how many times you will feed it, what time it will shit, how much water it drinks.
It is your responsibility for the continuous search for the best income. The beast will try to slow down, look more tired and exhausted than it is. It will ask for water, rest and mercy. Remember they are feigned, treacherous and lazy.

Do not whip too much, do not force impossible rhythms of work, it can end up killing the animal, losing the investment.
Hit the right way, at the right pace, at the right time and in the right place. Avoid spank the kidneys or face, pay attention if the leather is at the breaking point, avoid very large bleeding.

Consider if it's worth blinding him, many say that it brings several advantages, the slave does not distract himself, he becomes more obedient, defenseless and does not try to escape anymore.
Other owners say it is advantageous to castrate them, others cut their tongues out. For the first suggestion the problem is that the animal can become fat and discouraged, depressed. The removal of the tongue sometimes damages the feeding and the strength of the animal. See what you prefer, think well before you decide, these measures are irreversible.

If you use it with rigor and wisdom, the slave can work, make profits, and last for decades.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Handsome boy having to accept humiliation and abuse to keep his job.

You really need this job, don`t you? I see you have what the management can please, but are you really willing to pay the price?
If you are not proud, accept to lose your dignity and submit to pain, humiliation and torture without limits, I guarantee you will not lose your salary.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A strong,blind, raw slave, pulling the plow under the sun.

He was born totally stupid, he should to be a retarded, he never did or said anything clever. He never went to school, illiterate, uneducated, quarrelsome and aggressive, moved away from his family, never had friends. Never had even documents.
He soon become an alcoholic, the vices of drinking and gambling, making bets bigger and bigger, often made priceless debts. He lived changing all the time of neighborhood, or city, to escape the charges and the police.
He slept in the streets, did little work or robbed and disturbed the people of the country. He was big and strong, usually working loading and unloading trucks.

One day, totally drunk, he made his last bet, and he lost his freedom.
The owner of his debt sold him to the foreman of a farm in the middle of nowhere.
He traveled for weeks to the most remote area of ​​agricultural expansion in the country.
Where small and poor farmers struggle against hard land and the poverty to try to plant something.

There he was reduced to a beast of burden. He spent all his time naked and tied up.
So that he did not try to escape his owners decided to blind him. In an unknown and depopulated land, blind and naked, he could not escape or survive.
In land so remote and poor, did not have many women, so he was used and raped by the other workers, cruelly whipped and beaten daily. The beatings and the strong sun soon turned his skin into a thick, sturdy leather.
Hard, steady work strengthened his muscles.
He lost all his humanity, became an animal.
In this way he lived for two decades, until one day he died working as the beast he became.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Way to tie the genitals of a slave, when we want to put it on sale. Fifth part.

Here we see a beautiful animal for sale.
Slaves should always be naked, especially when they are for sale. Even on cold days, even under the sun, it does not matter, no buyer will be interested if he can not examine what he buys.
On cold days the genitals tend to diminish, tied in this way the material is valued.