Saturday, February 11, 2017

Handsome boy having to accept humiliation and abuse to keep his job.

You really need this job, don`t you? I see you have what the management can please, but are you really willing to pay the price?
If you are not proud, accept to lose your dignity and submit to pain, humiliation and torture without limits, I guarantee you will not lose your salary.


  1. Это ещё приемлемый вариант: тебе честно говорят, что будут физические пытки. Гораздо чаще тебя пытают и издеваются морально, из под тушка и так в течении многих лет. Почти все бы выбрали еженедельную порка в довесок к хорошей зарплате

  2. It is still a viable option: do you honestly say that there will be physical torture. More often than not you tortured and bullied mentally, hidden, and so for many years. Almost everyone would have chosen weekly flogging in the appendage to a good salary