Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Employees are selected from the most cruel, sadists and bad people.

Here at the farm, all employees know that, even if the beasts are functioning properly, they must always be whipped. 
Employees are selected from the most cruel, sadists and bad people. We only hire really rude and violent people.
Those who behave most cruelly and violently are rewarded and promoted. We usually prefer to hire ex-cops and ex-convicts, people with a violent history. Rape of animals by employees is considered a recommended action, that can be done at any time.
Excessive violence, or death without the need for one of the beasts, is not considered a serious failure. In contrast any attitude of mercy or gentle treatment of the cattle may be grounds for dismissal of the employee.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

It's just an old, dirty, smelly, stupid animal.

An old beast is already completely used to its fate and condition. Brutal beatings, permanent nudity, frequent rapes and chains have been part of its daily life for so many years that it accepts everything with naturalness and resignation. It does not groan, does not try to resist or escape, simply obeys and accepts. This type of beast with time is no longer able to think or dream. It's just an old, dirty, smelly, stupid animal.

A 2017 drawing, never published.

Fun in the prison camps - Part four

At nightfall, after fun, the troops and officers spend hours talking about the beating. Leaving the animal unconscious, hanging like a ham, for at least an hour, with sweat, urine and blood running down the body, leaving the wounds is part of the tradition. Carefully examining each scar, each open wound trying to remember which lash that opened it is a great learning experience. Learning the art of whipping requires practice, training and dedication.
Never leave the animal hanging for many hours. The tied wrists and the position prevent blood circulation in the hands. Once, out of carelessness or malice, they left the beast hanging all night. The next day they had to amputate both hands.

Friday, July 3, 2020

The use of prisoners for troop training.

How can policemen learn to handle whips, batons and immobilize criminals or protesters? The best training mode is using the beasts in captivity.
The municipal prison allows its filthy prisoners to be beaten just for fun and for training police officers. These creatures have no use or rights, they are despicable, filthy, stupid and useless animals. Sentenced to life imprisonment, they are kept permanently naked and chained, as animals must be kept. These shits know only hunger, violence, beatings, rape and humiliation.
If the beating is so brutal that it ends up breaking its arms, blinding, or killing the animal, there is no problem. That's why they are training material for the troops.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Fun in the prison camps - Part three

The prisoner's groans and screams being whipped is part of the fun. Nobody should whip an unconscious animal, that's why the strongest beasts are chosen. The strongest and healthiest prisoners. The fun is to see its despair and suffering. Hence the effort to cause maximum pain and suffering without spilling too much blood, without tearing the flesh too deeply.
The beating must be violent and brutal. If the soldier who is whipping gets tired, he must be replaced immediately. The blows must be strong and paced. Not to ruin the show.
When the animal passes out, the beating ends.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Fun in the prison camps - Part two

Watching a prisoner being flogged is a great pleasure, a pleasant sight. The body performs a complex choreography, true dance with the whip. Watch the whip travel through the air, making complex and rhythmic trajectories, with beautiful clicks and agitated sounds.

There is the vanity of someone who is very skilled with the whip. Reaching the most sensitive and accurate parts of the prisoner's body requires a lot of skill and training. The nipples and penis are especially sensitive to whip blows.
The crying, moaning and screaming of the animal being whipped is also music.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Fun in the prison camps - Part one

Life in the military prisoner camps, in times of peace, is tedious. Officers, soldiers and prisoners have very repetitive routines. Even fun is part of the routine. Every week, on Friday, one officer chooses one of the prisoners to entertain and cheer up all members of the community.
The choice is almost random, sometimes justified by improper behavior by the prisoner. Sometimes for no reason, just for fun.