Friday, December 1, 2017

The prisoners of the GULAGS sold as slaves.

Prisoners of the Revolutionary Government were transported to Siberia by trains in large numbers, thousands of men sent to serve long sentences. 
The bureaucrats and judges' expectation was that most of them would never come back. Many would die in the labor camps, others from hunger and torture. Others would die trying to escape, fleeing through the fields and galvanized and unpopulated forests. 
For all this there was no problem if a few hundred of them were simply sold by the soldiers to the farmers or to the nomadic peoples of Siberia. The younger, stronger, healthier prisoners were simply marketed, obviously naked, because the clothes on those polar lands were more valuable and important than their users.
Some were used as slaves on farms or to pull carts, worked to the point of exhaustion and death. Once dead, or even dying their bodies were often given as food to dogs.

Monday, November 27, 2017

The heretic being whipped naked by the inquisitor.

The damned heretic was hanging for hours by a rope tied to his wrists, swinging in the air, as if he were flying. When the movement slowed, the whipping made it roll again like a pendulum spinning around itself. The long strips of the whip wound on the unfortunate man's body and were drawn with malice, making him roll swiftly.
The whirls and the swing made the blood, the saliva, the urine, and the sweat sneeze through the chamber.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The monumental and perfect, torture chamber.

The torture chamber was monumental and perfect, had a very high ceiling and was wide. 
They could hang the accused  for a long time, and whip him with much calm and cruelty. 
The space was big enough to use all kinds of whips and scourge, the longest and heaviest with no problems. The victims sweated, bleed, screamed, cried, urinate and defecated out of fear and despair, the floor was always very wet and dirty. 
The acoustics were wonderful, the stone walls reverberating with the sound of the whips, the sound of the whiplash, and the screams and moans of the victims. Everything sounded very clear, loud and strongly. It was like a song for the whole tower to listen to. It was lovely to hear.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Good clinics for the castration of slaves.

When the animal does not behave well or becomes disobedient, many owners recommend castrate the imbecile. The problem is that often castration poorly executed can spoil the creature. With the lack of slaves and the prices of the pieces, we recommend sending to experienced veterinarians with modern and well equipped clinics.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The slave has been forgotten tied up in the cell.

The animal is old now, it has been working under the sun and whips for more than 40 years. Years ago they cut off his tongue, it no longer sees well, and does not have the same strength as before.
For not producing enough, it was condemned to another brutal beating of lashes, but it has been locked in the cell for two days and tied up waiting for his execution. It is dying of hunger, his legs and arms hurt and tingle, for they are without blood circulation. It feels cramps and terrible back pain.
The animal worth so little that they can forget him there for enough time so that he will simply die without anyone remembering him.
It's not worth a damn.

The slave cries and moans loudly, trying to get someone's attention. It prefers to die under the lashes or exhausted by heavy labor, than die there of hunger, thirst, and gangrene simply because he has been forgotten tied up in his cell.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A tribute to Makoto Kai, one of the best SM designers in the world!

I received a friend's Makoto Kai drawing. I did the text and I interpreted as I could.

An ugly bare boy tied up. To celebrate the largest number of visits per day.

This month the blog hit all of its visitation records, with more than 1000 visits per day. I want to celebrate showing a reworked old drawing.
I love being able to share my fantasies and fetishes with this audience.