Friday, January 21, 2022

Let's show the animals that were developed to work as security dogs.

After decades of the new ultra-liberal economic system, with complete freedom for capital, business and unlimited profit, all public services were privatized. All human rights, labor laws, environmental laws were all removed to allow for greater profits and entrepreneurship. Health, education, justice and the police have become profitable and efficient companies.

Genetic improvement and eugenics made it possible to separate human groups according to their natural possibilities and vocations.

Human groups were developed for each of the most varied functions, some being manual workers, prostitutes, organ or meat donors. Specific species have been improved to replace various types of extinct or rare animals. Here, we show you the ones that were developed to work as security dogs.

Police dogs have greatly enhanced hearing, smell and eyesight, are furry, strong and can assist in policing public places, streets and airports. They obey the police officers who train them, they know how to be quiet, watchful, or attack when ordered.

These animals have developed jaws and very strong bites. Some are kept with muzzles to prevent unwanted bites.

To maintain their natural aggressiveness and ferocity they should not be neutered, and still receive additional doses of hormones and testosterone. These animals are super male, furry and aggressive. That's why their sexual urges are especially intense and permanent.

The cops who train these slut beasts know that to strengthen the bond between them, the bitch dogs suck the cops' dicks daily and as a reward they get fucked by the trainers at the end of the workday, daily.


Monday, January 17, 2022

BDSM love is...

The Master never tires of causing pain and his slave never asked for rest or relief. 
That's how happy they are. A post for the most romantic couples!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

The advantages of raising different types of animals together.

Breeders of different sorts of animals know that they can be bred together. There are many advantages to breeding lesser fags and dogs together.

Even though fags know that they are disgusting and despicable bitches by their true nature, many are reluctant to accept their filthy, animal nature.

Some breeders teach that keeping these animals together in the same cages can help them understand their similarities.

Keep the bitches in the cages with the dogs and let each instinct and nature show their vocations and roles. When the dogs fuck the faggots, the bitches understand their true animal nature.

That's the very objective.

Another side benefit is that when we breed this kind of insatiable bitches, we're not always willing to fuck them, and there aren't always people willing. Dogs can do this function.

Keep them naked, on all fours, in cages, fed and treated like dogs, crawling in dirty and smelly spaces with animal urine and feces. Being kicked, beaten, wearing muzzles, collars, and chains like dogs is part of the degradation process.

Some cry, moan and say they feel demeaned for being put into bestial sex.

However, we also have records that some end up enjoying being used by the dogs so much that they end up insinuating themselves and offering as if they were in heat. We already have trained bitches capable of sucking human and dogs dicks with the same disposition and skill.

Some breeders proudly show that when their trained fags are introduced to new dogs, they instinctively approach, sniff each other's anus, and quickly the dog mounts the bitch and fucks it.

After all, filthy and lust animals are just animals.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Human livestock online auditions are our specialty.

We invite you to buy lots of human animals or watch our auctions live online, on our SR Livestock Auditions website, nightly through the deep web.

We sell lots of all types of legal and regulated trade livestock: oxen, cows, horses, mares, and human beasts. All human animals have a delimited origin, documentation, description, and medical examinations guaranteed and verified by our teams of lawyers and veterinarians.

We are the sales platform that most sells this kind of animal globally, and we buy lots directly from prisons, camps, and suppliers worldwide.

Human livestock for sale is our specialty.

All of our buyers can follow our famous and friendly auctioneers in examining, commenting, and describing each lot for sale. Many animals try to show their qualities and virtues during the open offers, and male animals are milked alive to assess their gifts and virility better.

All buyer segments are identified and can compete in the offers that will take the lot. The highest demand segments such as brothels, industries, farms, hospitals, slaughterhouses, foundations, and even registered individual buyers can make offers.

For years in the market, we have discovered that an elementary differential in the commercialization of human livestock is that these beings know they are being auctioned and understand that the auction offers decide their fate.

That's why these imbeciles are induced to show their talents to be bought by industries and brothels rather than slaughterhouses or organ transplant clinics.

Large screens show auctioneers and beasts, and all bids placed online in real-time, and bidding.

We have unique cameras that track the beasts' facial reactions when their fate is set. Even people who don't participate in the auctions don't make offers, love to see these scenes, so it's fun, pathetic, and dramatic for the animals being sold.

That's why we created VR TV so that our most loyal and regular buyers can follow along with exclusive cameras (which can be subscribed to in pay-per-view), which broadcast from the preparation and washing of the animals to the slaughter—and dismantling of parts at the  slaughterhouses.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

The life of working animals.

The construction company has used work animals for decades since the revision of the labor legislation.
They are brute and stupid animals, unsuitable for more sophisticated, technical, or finishing work. This strong crossbow has other uses, doing the heaviest and most demanding jobs, loading and hauling materials, heavy cleaning, and tiring jobs. The law requires that they be kept naked and in chains for the rest of their lives so that there is no doubt about the condition of these bitches, for anyone, especially for themselves. At the construction site, for their safety, they can get boots, helmets, and gloves if necessary, but the company does not like unnecessary expenses. The equipment needed for them is heavy leather whips and electric cattle prod, like those used for cattle and swine. These motivational tools are always at hand and on view so that anyone on the team can use them whenever they feel they need or want to.
Electric cattle prod are commonly used on animal balls and chicks. For these animal´s parts to always be easily accessible, they are generally kept securely attached to the base.

Working animals are the first to wake up for work and the only ones that don't need rest or time for meals. They are fed in the morning, before work, and at the end of the day. Usually, they are washed, provided, and placed for lighter work at the end of the job. Workers are used to fucking and being sucked by slaves every day. The company encourages the sexual use of animals, realizing that this entertains workers as much as it makes the animals more docile and productive. They like to be used sexually.
What is considered immoral and deductive is for animals to be active in sexual acts. That's why it's common to put large, heavy rings on the head of your penises.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The story of Simone, the slut bitch. Final part of eight.

 This series of eight posts tells the story of Simone, an Italian fag who convinced his parents to give up on him as a son. Each post will have two drawings illustrating the process. This is the last chapter and I hope you enjoyed the series.

With the pregnancy in progress, the couple was anxious to get as much profit as possible from their fag and get rid of it.

Simone was rented out every day for the final six months as a whore with no rest or limits. Every time customers caught the whore; the Owner reiterated that the bitch was for sale, and its value was negotiable.

At the same time, they put the fag slut up for sale on all the legal and clandestine internet sites and platforms they found to sell him.

Some sites say they could establish the type of buyer, setting countries, and uses of purpose for the sold fag. But, it was more profitable to sell without knowing to whom or what the slave sold would be used. The more time passed, the more anxious the couple became to make the sale.

Finally, with the pregnancy reaching its ninth month, the couple lowered the price but found a buyer for the fag. The buyer was anonymous, and delivery was arranged in a remote gas station parking lot on the side of a road.

The Owner took his slave naked, handcuffed and hooded in the trunk of the car, handed it with the documents to an unknown man, both wearing masks, who threw the tramp into the trunk of the other vehicle.

Aware that he was being sold and discarded, even being treated and despised like an animal, even not knowing the future that awaited him, Simone was so excited that his cock throbbed and spilled cum into the trunks of cars.

Simone was never seen again, the couple never again had any news of the one who had once been their son.

We hear that it has been renegotiated a few times by sex tourism resorts in South Asia. These resorts allow rough sex and all the perversions for wealthy Western tourists. In these hotels, if you want to do something really brutal or illegal, it's just a matter of price.

In these places the whores are kept drugged and in captivity. Simone, now named Buffalo, is used in gay BDSM orgies for enduring a lot of pain and suffering with its hard cock. He was so drugged that he no longer remembers his name or birthplace, only his vocation and real nature for bitching.

It was, in the end, everything Simone dreamed of and wanted. You could say he was happy forever.

The couple is well and happy; the second child was loved, educated, heterosexual and responsible. He ended up going to college and graduating, never knowing that his life had gotten a lot more comfortable with the fag brother he'd never met.

Monday, January 3, 2022

The story of Simone, the slut bitch. Part seven of eight.

This series of eight posts tells the story of Simone, an Italian fag who convinces his parents to give up on him as a son. Each post will have two drawings illustrating the entire process. This is the seventh chapter, and I hope you have fun with this one.

In just a few years, the couple's standard of living had improved a lot, as they stopped having any expense with their "ex-son" and started to profit a lot from him, as the very frequent rent brought in good money for the couple. They changed the decoration of the house and the car and led a much better life.

Even though it was rented several times throughout the week, Simone still managed to keep the house in order, cooking, cleaning and tidying up everything her Owners asked for.

The couple was much more relaxed and happy! Then one day, the wife happily showed her husband the positive result of a pregnancy test.

Simone was washing the dishes, listening to their conversation.

"How happy! You're finally pregnant, my dear."

"My love, as you know, I always dreamed of having a baby!"

Simone was happy for them but soon realized that this changed everything in the family's organization.

Over the next few days, the couple discussed how to resolve the situation. The wife argued that the best thing would be to sell Simone's organs over the internet. She had researched that they could sell almost every piece: kidneys, eyes, blood, and heart. The husband believed that they would make more profit by selling it in its entirety to one of the traditional customers, either as a beast of burden or a whore, to whoever paid the most.

Simone listened to the conversations but was never consulted or informed about what they were speaking. The couple spoke about their animal's fate as if he wasn't even present and listening to the conversation. He felt reduced to nothing, he felt like a despicable and insignificant beast, which excited him tremendously. Neither of them expressed any feelings or considerations about what had once been their son. There was no disagreement between the couple, and they were both happy about the pregnancy; both agreed that they should get rid of that disgusting beast they had at home and that they should do it with as much profit as possible. They just weren't clear which would be the most profitable solution.

One day, a friend of her husband's, a lawyer, came to the house.

Simone served the coffee and got on all fours sucking the lawyer's cock while talking to his Owners.

He explained to the couple that there was a legal way of taking away all inheritance rights from Simone. There is a kind of legal document prepared for extreme sports athletes, divers, and climbers that allows that in just one year after the disappearance of this family member, all their legal rights are directed to the beneficiary established in the contract.

The wife reassured the lawyer, "this bitch will sign any document we define."

They talked about ways to legalize the proceeds from the sale and pay less tax on the transaction.

Over the next few days, Simone signed several documents and contracts without reading them, and her husband took many pictures of her sex animal to prepare sales material for the web. The bitch's cock was hard and throbbing all the time.