Saturday, June 21, 2014

He will be castrated.

The muscular and hairy beast was tied naked for days, in the open area, exposed to the cruelties of the entire troop, exposed to the cold of the night and the hot sun of the day. 
He was tortured by all, with cruelty. His nipples were burned, crushed and perforated.
His penis beaten and burned mercilessly.
After weeks of torture, hunger and pain, usually your balls and your dick will be cut off, he will be castrated.
The captive die oozing blood, cum and tears.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Born to sin.

I smite me to try and decrease the impulse to sin, lust, or sex. But I feel that I am an animal born to the lowest impulses, made for sex without limits, no brakes.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday is the day of my Lord

Today is Sunday, my Master gave me 500 lashes. I had to clean the dirty walls of the room caused by the blood that splashed.
He can beat me all he want, I belong to him, cause I love him.
I never ask to beat less, never ask for mercy. At the end of each beating I kiss and thank him. The more he hits, the more I feel that I belong to him, I'm his thing, his toy, his bitch.

This is not fantasy, it's real. This is what I always dreamed,  which I never believed would conquer, that could never come true. I could not be happier.

For those who understand what I feel and draw.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The beauty of punishing the body to save the soul.

A drawing showing how the monks learned to suffer and have mortified their bodies in the name of God. 
Self flagellation, flogging and torture so that any pleasure was felt. No pleasure?

A brother asked us to help him to avoid that lust take care of his body and soul. We pray together, with him, every stroke on his huge and erect penis. Every blow struck, makes him even more excited. The demon that possesses his soul, is so powerful that all the brethren present were excited too.
He was handsome, strong, and had a muscular body. Surely that was the reason that the devil wanted him.
Other monks also lashed themselves, during the work, to expel the demons and desires of the body. 
We spend some days whipping each other under the supervision of superiors and god.
The strong and handsome brother, prayed all the time, fasting, naked, bound and hanging from the ceiling for days. He begged for more severe beatings, but he was still excited. Came to come  very often, urinated and delirious over the spanking.
The senior monks commanded that we drank all the fuck he poured so that the seeds of sin did not touch sacred ground.

After several months of many struggles, finally we won the demon. Our brother died in the arms of the Lord, his body was lost, but we saved his soul.