Saturday, June 21, 2014

He will be castrated.

The muscular and hairy beast was tied naked for days, in the open area, exposed to the cruelties of the entire troop, exposed to the cold of the night and the hot sun of the day. 
He was tortured by all, with cruelty. His nipples were burned, crushed and perforated.
His penis beaten and burned mercilessly.
After weeks of torture, hunger and pain, usually your balls and your dick will be cut off, he will be castrated.
The captive die oozing blood, cum and tears.


  1. Exciting! Perfect work - as usual!

    1. After I finish any design, I realize more about what is not right.
      In this case the anatomy of the chest is not good. It was too long and straight.
      Anyway, thanks for the support.

  2. Very good! I like the situation and the drawing.

  3. to me it seems he is bound helpless with his manhood exposed. he will be whipped and his testicles beaten until he spills his seed.