Sunday, December 15, 2013

My favorite ways of tying - 2

This way is comfortable to leave the slave for hours, waiting for the owner to come home.

My favorite ways of tying -1

These drawings I made to show my favorite ways to tie animals.
This position is the "rabbit", used to allow the animals to walk miles with no way to protect themselves or resist.

Whipped for money - 2

He is not a masochist. But the huge debt has to be paid. He agreed to be taken to a place and be forced serve the desires of all spectators. He will suffer a lot.

Whipped for money - 1

This guy is unemployed and in debt. For being cute, he thought that prostitution would give him something.
The old and rich guys, besides being gay, were sadistic.
He have to be naked and whipped to amuse them.