Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A gaucho being flogged by the cowboys. Part II

Many prefer drawing with the wounds and scars of the lashes.
Do you find it more exciting?


  1. Yes. i find it very exciting. Thank you.

  2. tres excitant ne pas oublier des marques sur ses organes genitaux

  3. Lashing marks visible or not - it is a great work of art! It reminds me of Goya's cycle of the "war crimes" etchings.
    I simply love your work, Pote!

  4. YES, Pote..... the long thin stripes of the LASH are very exciting... and the scars too of past WHIPPINGS. A man stretched high and naked waiting for the punishment is the most beautiful sight.... and when he wears the LASHES, he is even more exciting to look at..... WHIP HIM!...without mercy!