Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The day they castrated the slave.

Farm men argued for months, whether or not they should castrate the animal.
The slave worked every day, pulling the plow. He never complained.
Since they blinded him he did not try to escape anymore.
Some of the boys liked to fuck him, others made him suck his dicks.
But none showed any use for his genitals.
Some said he would grow fat like a pig for being neutered. Others asked for castration on the grounds that he would be more docile and obedient.
One day two of the foremen simply decided to do the service.
They tied him up and cut off his testicles and penis.

Teh animal became more docile and obedient than cows.


  1. Muitos fortes estes desenhos, mas muito excitantes também! parabens pela coletanea!

  2. je pense que se fut une bonne decision que lorsqu un esclave reste plus calme il faut effectivement lui retirer ce qui donne la force a un male ses testicules donc il vaut mieux les supprimer moins d accord conçernant l penis cela peut etre fait une pour une prochaine punition

  3. castration obligatoire plus pour le punir faire une dans le gland