Monday, August 7, 2017

The butchers of the court castrated deserters and sentenced prisoners.

In the medieval period, the butchers of the court were also the surgeons of the palaces. They looked after people and animals who needed surgery. There are reports and records that after battles, even during the wars, captured deserter soldiers, considered incorrigible cowards, could be sentenced to castration.
The same butchers who performed the castrations of horses, oxen and pigs, castrated deserters and sentenced prisoners.
The technique required the ability not to obstruct the urinary channel by sewing the incision, allowing the miserable urinate. To stop the bleeding, those who did not die during castration were hung upside down for many hours.

This drawing I did inspired by a drawing of my friend, Sherwin of Praha.


  1. Thank you for this answer to my drawing - in many ways it is much better that the drawing I did... it has a larger scale of the scene, the quality of Dutch masters. It even has more victims :-) In any case - I thank you for this tribute. It is nice to find a friend through creativity.

  2. Its having its nipples removed also, what a nice touch...I sprang up hard as soon as I saw this. Thanks

  3. I agree that it does have the quality of a scene by one of the Dutch masters. So nice to find like-minded artists to depict so well the scenes in my phantasies.