Monday, August 14, 2017

The animal hopes to have been sold.

Its owners never bothered to tell or explain much, a stupid and despicable being does not have to understand what is going to happen to it, just obey the orders and commands. He received the orders in short, loud screams, as horses or dogs are trained to obey.
As a child they cut off his tongue so he would not moan, complain, or say anything. Yet he moans, uttering incomprehensible sounds, like other animals.
He is accustomed to frequent and brutal beatings, but still, he cries when his punishment are most cruel.
A slave who labored in the field, heavily, without rest for years, under the sun, in the rain, in the heat, or in the cold, under the constant scourge has his skin resting, marked and thick as the leather of a pig.
Your muscles and bones are accustomed to stress and heavy loads, but, over time, they are already damage and sore. He, besides being stupid, sees very badly, is practically deaf, can no longer handle the pace and weight of work in the same way.

So he believes it has been sold. He was taken to a dark place and tied to this post. Many men came to examine him and spoke loudly, looked at his teeth, ears and eyes.

He hopes to have been sold.

Now he does not know what awaits him.
Some old slaves like him, in worse condition, are killed for no longer serving. Others are blinded, castrated, and laid to haul carts in their last years of servitude. Transformed into real beasts of burden, like horses or donkeys.
He's been tied up for two days, without water or food. He is hungry, thirsty and suffering in terrible pain because he is immobilized in this position. He can not sleep, rest, he has never been able to think, under these conditions he is even more anxious and confused.

He only moans and cries.

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