Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The monumental and perfect, torture chamber.

The torture chamber was monumental and perfect, had a very high ceiling and was wide. 
They could hang the accused  for a long time, and whip him with much calm and cruelty. 
The space was big enough to use all kinds of whips and scourge, the longest and heaviest with no problems. The victims sweated, bleed, screamed, cried, urinate and defecated out of fear and despair, the floor was always very wet and dirty. 
The acoustics were wonderful, the stone walls reverberating with the sound of the whips, the sound of the whiplash, and the screams and moans of the victims. Everything sounded very clear, loud and strongly. It was like a song for the whole tower to listen to. It was lovely to hear.


  1. Oh, Brother Pote... you have created the ultimate chamber for confession and punishment. The beautiful domed ceiling like a heaven above from which the sinful monk has been made naked and stretched to endure the torments on his flesh. He is hung between Heaven and Hell, and his flesh will now undergo the humiliation of the scourge just as the Savior did. Every part of his naked body will be torn by the oiled LASH.... and the Punishment Master will take his time with the procedure, making sure that the entire monastery will hear the rhythmic song of the WHIP and the shrieks of anguish and pleas for forgiveness and salvation. The sentence is 500 lashes over the entire body... and the punished monk knows that he is to wear scars of his ordeal forever. Whenever he makes his body naked in front of other monks, they will see that he has been WHIPPED. That he has been torn by the SCOURGE just as the Savior was.Even if the monk tries to cover his scarred flesh, the other Brothers will see that every part of his manly body has been caressed by the terrible LASHES. Even his PENIS and NIPPLES will have known the LASH. And the monk feels that strange combination of both pride and humiliation in knowing that he was made naked, that he was presented to other men for his punishment, that he was stretched and shown, and that he was WHIPPED...without mercy. WHIPPED WITHOUT MERCY. And as he hung there, torn from 500 LASHES, sweating, bleeding, and suffering, the Brothers gathered around him bringing the long thin incense sticks from the chapel. They lit the tips in the torches on the walls and slowly approached his naked body with the red hot glowing tips... to touch to the stripes and on his most sensitive places...

  2. Brother Pote…. I just stopped by to review any new artwork that you've added to the galleries and to stroll by my favorites of yours from the past… they still excite and inspire me with the frenzied love of the LASH and the torments of the torture chamber. Is there anything more beautiful than a naked man, stretched and readied for the torments of saditic brothers who are skilled in the uses of the long thin WHIPS, the pincers, and hot embers from the brazier of coals…. and that beautiful moment when all the men in the chamber of sufferings strip their bodies as naked as the supplicant, their penises stiff with pleasure and lust, and they begin to celebrate the spiritual rituals of PUNISHMENT….