Thursday, October 19, 2017

The boy was the slave, the bishop's toy.

The Bishop was already a friend of the very poor and very religious family. When the boy was born blind the bishop piously offered to take care of him and the family, helping financially, he was the boy's godfather, and he advised how he should be created to become a saint.
He forbade him to go to school, to study, to have contact with other children and to have the family keep him isolated from the world and his sins.
From very early on he announced the boy's "religious vocation" and took him to live in the episcopal residence. He kept it locked in his room, isolated from everyone. He personally fed the boy and showered her. No one could enter the room or see the boy.

The boy was his toy, his slave, belonged to the Bishop, no one could question or doubt the merciful and holy intentions of ecclesiastical authority.
The novice slept in the holy bishop's room, taking care of the bath of his holiness. Every day he sucked his holy penis, licked the holy anus, and was regularly raped from adolescence.
All his sinful deeds and thoughts were severely punished and his body mortified by endless penances.
He always wore the cilicios very tight, mortifying his thighs and his chest.
His owner whipped him every day with much cruelty.
The boy cried in silence, resignedly, prayed and sang religious chants while being whipped. He never protested or tried to change his life.
God did so the boy, with his body and his desires corrupted by the devil and sin. He would be doomed to damnation, sin, and hell if his beloved bishop had not assumed his guard.
The Bishop explained that being punished every day, even an incorrigible sinner, would become holy, and would go to heaven.
The boy thanked and prayed. Amen!

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