Sunday, May 13, 2018

The new collaboration with Gen, a great Eastern BDSM artist.

When we draw gay BDSM scenes, it is common for us to picture ourselves in the characters. I am a masochist, I always imagine myself to be the one who is humiliated, beaten and tortured. Sometimes I also imagine myself as the viewer watching or the one who tortures. That's why most of my characters are somewhat fat, bearded and mature like myself.
I have maintained a respectful and entertaining collaboration with Gen, a Japanese artist who produces very exciting images. He enjoys more realistic, almost photographic, and more bloodthirsty images, with the victims shedding viscera and blood in agony.
Here he worked on a drawing of mine, making the victim younger, more muscular and oriental. The result is fantastic.
I really enjoy his work and I am very proud of our friendship and cooperation.

Here is the link for anyone who wants to know about his work.


  1. Hi, this picture is beautiful :) Could you make a similar picture? I would like to tell you which scenery I like...

    1. My friend, how would you like the drawing? Describe better the scene that would excite you.

    2. A man scourged :) I would like to see a man tied to a column and scourged by two roman soldiers with a flagrum, an ancient whip made of many leather straps (3 or 6 or 9 or 12),knotted with metal pieces,pieces of bones, and sometimes ending with a hook each strap :) It would excite me to see the condemned man all covered with blood, with some flesh removed by the blows...and blood on the floor too. And the roman soldiers, two muscle and hairy men, laughing and enjoying the scourging.