Sunday, May 6, 2018

So how does it feel now that all of its fantasies have come true? Is it everything it had hoped for?

Where am i?
Who am i?
What am i?
How long have i been here?
Who is He? 
Why is He doing this?
Will i survive?
Have i died and gone to Hell?
i have no answers.
i remember nothing of before. i know nothing of the future. 
i am in a pit, i am alone, i hurt, i am frightened, i am filthy, i stink…this is all i know.
it gets dark, it gets light. 
Sometimes He comes, sometimes He doesn’t.
Occasionally He takes me out to torture me, usually He doesn’t.
Some things are always the same. 
i am always bound in this position, ankles and thighs tied together, i long ago stopped feeling them…numb. Balls battered and then pulled behind, fixed tightly. Cock tortured and fastened at the front, strangled. Hands stretched up and tied off.
i am always thirsty. He enjoys standing above at the side of the pit, pulling out his cock and pissing down on me. At first i tried to hide, now i open my mouth wide and try and catch as much of the life giving urine as possible. Sometimes He aims for my mouth, sometimes He deliberately misses, soaks my body, leaves me sitting in a pool of piss, unable to reach it…stinking.
i am always hungry. Sometimes He brings a bowl, wears thick rubber gloves, drops His shit on me..well i assume its His shit.. At first i tried to hide, now i open my mouth and stretch as far a possible to try and catch it, starving. 
This is fun for Him, He chuckles, grins, laughs, mocks. This is a nightmare for me, i sob, whine, pant, cry.
Then today He told me something devastating, something which tore into my soul and now inhabits it. After He had fed me, He stood and stared as i grunted, grovelled, gagged…pathetic. Then He dropped the bombshell…’So how does it feel now that all of its fantasies have come true? Is it everything it had hoped for?’ He laughed at my confused expression. ‘Yes cunt, this is what it begged Me for during those online conversations, when it told Me how it wanted to be nothing more than an owned object, wanted its humanity erased. This is what we planned together. it doesn’t remember the instructions I gave it which it followed exactly. How it willingly gave up everything, left a note to ensure no one came looking for it. Came to me willingly, knelt and begged to be broken. It remembers none of that?
I stared blankly up, His words hitting like punches. Somewhere….somewhere deep inside I knew it was true. This is what I am. This is why. This is who He is. With that knowledge came a degree of acceptance. This was my fantasy and now I had to pay the price. I didn’t remember but I understood.

I made this drawing and sent it to my friend TWISTED SUB asking him to write the story.
We have many fantasies in common, I love his texts.
I loved the way he handled the theme. 
Devastated by the brutal treatment, by utter degradation the ruined animal has already forgotten how it ended up in those conditions. He is no longer a human being, he has no past or future. Your filthy, sore body already has the same thing as the shit and the piss that covers it.
His Owner, out of sheer sadism, takes pleasure in reminding the fagot why he is there, in those conditions.

Get to know his marvelous work at the following address:


  1. For a time I thought you had quit drawing. It is wonderful to see that you haven't. You are one of the few artists who really captures male suffering. Your drawings never fail to move me.

    Richard (Femdom Artists)

    1. My old friend, I'm glad to see you here again. I really appreciate your opinion. Feel free to suggest, critique, comment or even share my work.