Monday, May 28, 2018

The damage used to be so brutal that most slaves could never get an erection again.

When the new animal arrived the foreman was tying it with its arms behind, gagging him and holding its penis and scrotum tightly. He manipulated the slave's cock until it was erect and hard. Then he tied a rope tightly to the base so that the blood could not escape so that it could not wither.

Then, holding tightly, firmly, he began to brutally beat the organs with a hard rubber hose. He beat for a long time, often, especially on the head of the penis and with such force that it practically destroyed the dick. Pieces of skin flew from the blows, blood sloshing in all directions.
Surprised, frightened, gagged and tied up in this way the animal groaned and writhed without being able to prevent brutality. It cried and sweated much in despair. The beatings followed in the same rhythm, with cruelty, even when it fainted.
It only ended when the penis and scrotum looked like pieces of misshapen flesh, swollen and bloody.

The wounds and bleeding would take months to heal. Swollen limbs would make the animal walk with its legs wide open and would prevent it from walking normally for many, many months.
The foreman knew how to measure the spanking so it would not be so strong as to kill the animal. Only a few died from the infections.
The damage used to be so brutal that most slaves could never get an erection again.

This brutal initial beating made them submissive and obedient. It showed the poor animals that the beatings and pains would have no limits, that they were worthless, that they could die being beaten to death if they were not obedient and submissive.

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