Tuesday, February 6, 2018

One of the prisoners, handsome and strong, was separated to be the sexual slave of the prison's director. Part 1.

Since he arrived at the prison the sergeant separated him from all the other prisoners. 
He ordered him to be locked in solitary and kept completely naked and handcuffed all the time.

All the prison staff knew what that meant, but no one seemed to bother. The general director of the prison was a sensible and balanced administrator; he efficiently managed the prisoners and the officials. 

The director had been in the position for many years, since he had all the support of the governor, during his administration never occurred any rebellion, no incident or problem.
But from a very young age he had a fetish he could not resist, he felt enormous and irresistible pleasure in watching naked men being flogged. That is why his entire professional career was directed to the regular fulfillment of what suited his needs.
He was married, had children, and was very respected by everyone in his church, but he needed to satisfy his needs.
The director and the sergeant, his security chief, had this mutual agreement, good for both of them, so they always kept a separate inmate for their purpose.
They could be happy and do their jobs quietly, with competence, having only one of more than one thousand prisoners to satisfy their needs, just one. The perverts chose that prisoner who was young, handsome, strong and had no family, no money, no outside bond. Shortly upon arrival at the prison, the one chosen was secluded and would have no contact with other officials or prisoners. He wouldn't even receive the uniform, cause he would never wear anything.
The functions of director of the prison or head of security were risky, stressful and poorly paid. So the two agreed that they should have at least some compensation for the work, some special reward.
The chosen prisoner was this reward.
They visited him in the isolation cell and raped him every day.

No other guard could use this unfortunate man, nor even talk to him, he was exclusive to the director and the security chief.
The guards entered the cell only to wash the floor and the prisoner before the visitors.
The sex slave had his anus washed every day with hoses and soap, for the amusement of its owners. He only ate when his owners gave him something to eat. He would go for long periods without any food or water. He was forced to drink the director's urine and sperm.
If he did not fulfill his obligations affectionately and properly, he was brutally beaten, tortured, and kept for days with hunger and thirst, filthy, lonely in the dark. In these periods, desperate and agonizing, he had to eat his own shit and drink urine to survive.


  1. I'm looking forward to the second half. I hope to see the naked prisoner suffer a lot at the hands of the sadistic director. Congratulations on another beautiful story ... And please, another chapter of the story of the Mule, yes ... Hugs!

    1. My friend, I assure you that you will not lose by waiting. This story will have two more chapters. I promise you another part of the Mule story.

    2. Hugs for you!
      I love your blog!

  2. Great Pote! You are a magnificent draftsman but also a magnificent writer. Also I wait for the continuation of the story with so much suffering and so much torture for the prisoner and also other stories of the Mule, which was a beautiful story. I'm your Italian admirer. Do you remember. Caliban60.