Monday, February 12, 2018

After being raped for many weeks, the sexual slave was taken to the yard to be whipped. Part 2.

After being raped for many weeks, the sexual slave was taken to the yard to be whipped.
They could not say that this was punishment or interrogatory, it was just a spectacle to the delight of anyone who was a sadist on the prison staff.
Some guards, the head of security, and the principal would gather to watch the scene.
One of the guards was very skilled in handling the whip. He knew how to pop the leather into the air and hit the prisoner's body tied to the post very precisely and efficiently.
The scene was very beautiful and exciting. No one was embarrassed to masturbate while watching, that was why the prisoner was flogged, to give pleasure to the audience.
The first time the prisoner was tied to the post he did not understand the reason. His wrists were tied above his head, his cock and scrotum tied tightly to the pole.
Tying the prisoner in this position, the executioner managed to whip the ribs, back, buttocks and thighs of the unfortunate. The beating was made with broad, rhythmic and cadenced gestures.
On the first beating the boy was shocked to realize that no one disguised the sadistic and sexual purpose of his martyrdom. He cried and moaned, but no one bothered.
The spanking took hours, no one was in a hurry, and everyone wanted to make the most of it, prolong the moment of pleasure and excitement. There were hundreds of lashes; his body was marked by cuts, bruises and wounds.
When he collapsed, unconscious was untied and taken back to the solitary cell.
In the following days he was kept naked and handcuffed as always in his cell, but was treated by the prison doctors. Even before removing his bandages, the sexual slave returned to his daily obligations. The rapes and forced gaps have returned to their old routine.

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