Thursday, February 8, 2018

A slave being brutally assaulted by cops.

A few days ago I was talking to my friend Aggrobrum and he told me that he is regularly flogged by his Owner. He has been slave and submissive for some time. I saw pictures of his body marked by the beatings he receives, cause he knows what serves an inferior being like him.
I imagined him returning home, after a normal day of work, in his military clothes and being stopped by police officers who know that he usually walks with his body marked by the beatings he receives.
The police officers talk to each other:

- This is the fag that I told you that likes to catch.
- I bet he's marked by the spanking that his male gives him.
- Oh really? Besides being fagged, is he a masochist? I want to see it!

The group of police officers stop the boy and ask for the documents, in a rude and truculent way.
They already open their shirt and lower their pants to see the marked body.
They handcuff their hands on their backs, and give him an arm-wrench by holding him by the neck.
One of the policemen, decides to complete the service and picks up the baton, and begins to beat the chest and legs.

He strikes his body as he screams:
- Is that what the fagot likes? Does the stupid like to be beaten?

Meanwhile the older man notices that the boy begins to get an erection while being beaten.
Disgusted, the big cop grabs his penis and scrotum and pulls so hard that he seems to want to pull them out. screaming

- The fag really likes to be beaten!

A gift for my friend Aggrobrum.

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