Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Police officers torturing a suspect with bruitality and creativity.

The cops often have to interrogate a suspect outside police stations, 
where they have the necessary privacy, but lack the proper equipment.
In these places the important thing is to improvise, and the most important thing is to be creative. 
At a construction site, these policemen used ropes, a rustic ladder, and a tall trestle 
to immobilize the workman. For the spanking they used thick, twisted and coiled electric cables. 
The experienced policeman strongly grips the pawn's testicles by squeezing them and pulling brutally. In this way he cleverly protects the man's scrotum so that the lashes do not cause fatal injuries, but the penis is still exposed to blows, and will certainly be the target of several lashes. 
He knows he must avoid the kidneys and the face of the suspect. 
In this way, after the brutal beating, if they end up deciding that the suspect is innocent, they can simply release it without any problem.
He will not have the guts to denounce cops, he's just a worthless from a poor, mulatto, ignorant bricklayer.

The drawing is not ready yet, it will be colored and complemented.
But at this stage it has special flavor, does not it?


  1. BEautiful...and that was exactly how a couple of my young friends from boyhood played in the woods or in our garages when we imagined torture for the hero. I look forward to you adding the stripes of the WHIP on his body.... and perhaps some special humiliation and punishment for his large dark nipples... a cigarette, perhaps...

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