Sunday, January 14, 2018

Having a prisoner well immobilized available to torture with the pliers is a huge pleasure!

Having a young and sturdy prisoner well immobilized and all the time available to torture him with the pliers is a huge pleasure!
Watching his wounded and tortured body is exciting.
Being able to destroy his nipples, his penis and scrotum is a privilege.

Which one do you prefer? The body still smooth or the wounded? Leave your opinion.


  1. Both images have their own quality and advantages. In the first of them, the victim is still intact, screaming in fear and anticipation of things to come, as probably he knows from rumours and maybe even being witness to some tortures before, done on his mates. The viewer can still imagine the future results of the torture... choose what would be first, what later...
    In second image, the pain is genuine, not only imagined. The body shows obvious marks of the torture and the viewer can almost feel the pain from the pliers bites, the warm trickles of blood... Buth are horrible sights and both have their own beauty and attractivity.
    You are, as always, master of your pen. Your drawing is excuisite! Thank you for sharing it, Pote!

    1. I do not know if it happens to you, but when I'm drawing, I get stuck. If I'm drawing the wounds and marks on the prisoner's body, it's like I'm actually torturing him. I get excited. So I do not know when to stop. There are perverts, like us, who post pictures of bodies covered by the blood of scourges and wounds. Another that only posts pretty young men tied up, like who is waiting for the beginning of the session.
      As you described very well the two moments have poetry and excitement.
      Strong embrace of your Brazilian fan.

  2. There is a delight both in tormenting a naked man with pincers and then being tormented yourself… to share these painful delights with another man, exploring each other's desire to torment and be tormented… to give yourself and your naked flesh to another man for his sadistic pleasures… and then for him to give his naked body to you for the same. Patiently testing and tearing his NIPPLES and TEATS with the pincers… and then to offer your own manly NIPPLES and TEATS to the biting pincers… to watch the excitement in his eyes as he inflicts torture on your body… to watch his PENIS stand and flex as you cry out. Finally, it is time for the stiff PENISES to be tested with the pliers…. and perhaps even to heat the tips of the pliers to increase the anguish of PUNISHMENT… NAKED PUNISHMENT.