Sunday, October 13, 2013

The aphrodisiac sound of torture.

Even at the end of the middle ages, the Lords could order to scourged their peasants with debts or thieves for any reason. The soldiers chose some trees nearby to castles to do it. Sometimes they went through whole nights whipping the unfortunate to their masters could hear her moans.
There are reports of servants or thieves kept naked tied to trees for days and sometimes whipped to death.They say that on cold nights nobles had better sexual performance with the sound of the unfortunate being tortured.


  1. Nice old fashioned -- almost magical aura -- of a big man being punished.

    1. Exactly... I wish we could discuss this further...

  2. YES! A hugely muscled laborer stripped NAKED for the humiliation.... and then LASHED without mercy over his ENTIRE body. His penis whipped while he is stretched taut. His NIPPLES whipped..... inflicting both terrible pain but also a certain amount of lustful excitement to his most sensitive places... and then the added humiliation of him perhaps becoming stiff during the ordeal.

  3. Thank you POTE for this piece.... being stripped naked in the woods and stretched for a WHIPPING.... the man cries out but no one except the WHIP MASTERS can hear him or pleas for mercy! He will WHIPPED without mercy.... his naked body will be scarred forever from the brambles and thorns that they use to punish his handsome body...