Thursday, October 10, 2013

Punished for being seductive and well endowed.

He was tied up in the central square. After he have seduced many residents of the village, he was sentenced to be whipped naked and his cock exposed. So many ladies and guys had known and been attended by his phallus. Others were there just to see if the famous dick would be damaged.


  1. when he's done will he still be able to get it up?

  2. Yes, congrats. You present the sight of a handsome lad finally paying for his sins. With the whole village witnessing his nakedness and his shame. Somehow the cloth hiding his penis is even more humiliating for it draws atention to the very organ that drove him to his crimes against the norms of society. Exactly what he needs is a hard flogging to teach him a lesson and to teach any other youngsters in the village the high price of sin.Of course he turns his head away from the snaking whip- an instrument as virile and strong as he. A perfect punishment- a single tail 'instructor' of morals.The tail of the whip may indeed cut his penis, despite the coarse canvas sheath protecting it. It will be a long time before the boy will be able to use it for the purposes that have brought him to the post and cross-bar.

    1. You have read my mind completely... I wish we could discuss this much further...

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