Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Slaves could be castrated.

A new small drawing on the same theme.
Slaves were forbidden to reproduce without permission. The owners defining which negroes could generate puppies.
Those who were caught having sex without authorization were punished.
When the lust took care of the slave, his sex drive could be contained with whips. His genitals were beaten, burned and injured.
They stayed days tied in the trunk being punished.
Suffering with cold, with thirsty and hungry.
In some cases, the punishment could be castration.


  1. your design castration occur by loss of circulation, may take days, Did you already imagined someone using a compressor berries to castrate someone?

    1. I did not draw figuring that castration occur by lack of circulation. I figured that after a few hours without circulation slips up a stick in the urethra and makes up the cut with a knife on fire.
      It is the same system used to castrate other animals such as bulls and steers.

  2. There is even some modern method using device with very strong rubber bands...
    Anyway - the drawing is, as usual, perfect... not sure, which version is the best, but each phase has it's own unique aestetics. Great drawing!