Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The trainee learned that his vocation was for the fagot of the company.

The transport company was not large, about 40 employees, mostly women, she was the owner.
The new trainee had come of age, eighteen, from a large, poor, very poor family. 
He was not very smart or good at school. He looked a little stupid and ignorant, but he was quiet and very polite.
At first the mistress seemed to be sensitive to his condition. She listened to his stories, knew about the financial problems and the human and health dramas his family suffered. She loaned him money, put up wages, and made his debt grow.

Gradually she changed behavior, began to be intolerant of his failures or delays, she cried out at him, harsh and humiliating. He had no alternatives, he carried himself slavishly and submissively.
One day she brutaly slapped his face, and he simply accepted resignedly. That was the beginning.
She began to beat him, whip him, and humiliate him more and more cruelly.
He never reacted, defended or protested. He moaned, obeyed, and made himself available for beatings.
She ordered him to suck her, masturbate her, lick her feet, crawl at her feet. He obeyed without question, did his best.
Little by little the mistress lost the shame of beating and humiliating him in front of the other employees. The best thing is that when she forced him to lower his pants to slap his ass with his belt, his beautiful, well-sized dick was immediately hard.
The whole company concluded, by monumental erection, that he liked that treatment.
For years he was beaten and abused by some employees and his owner everywhere, any time, in front of the whole team.

Over the years he has left all trainee roles and has just become the company's pet. He served the coffee, tended the cleaning and tidying up of the tables, swept the floor, but after these tasks he sat for hours waiting for someone to call him to torture and abuse him sexually.
One of the managers became accustomed to tearing off his entire clothing and dragging the fagot by the ears to the bathroom to rape him. He would get excited by shaking and walking with the naked boy between the tables of other employees.
With the daily repetition of the scene, many were no longer paying attention to the spectacle.
Still others were trying to see if the peeled fagot was excited to be displayed this way on the way to the bathroom.

At company parties the employees would take him to the bathroom and make him suck all the dicks. They poked in his mouth and raped him.
Sometimes they told him to wipe the filthy soles of their shoes with his tongue.
They made fun of keeping him hungry and thirsty all day and then serving in a pot of dog food shit and piss, making him eat everything.

He never disobeyed, complained, never missed his job or made any gesture to prevent or defend himself from the blows.
He obeyed the cruelest of orders, accepted the most brutal beating in silence.

Certainly he knew that he was an inferior animal, that this was his function, that they should treat him this way.
One day, faced with some financial difficulties, the company had to dismiss part of the team. 
The owner of the company had to sell the faggot to a competing company.

He was never seen again, neither in the company nor in the family.

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