Sunday, October 16, 2016

Beating the suspect to death.


The police took the suspect to a more remote and quiet area for interrogation.
Soon they decided that the crime should be punished just right there. They decided to beat him brutally without limits or concern.
They felt pleasure watching the naked prisoner moaning and crying, they were amused and excited. The boy was young, handsome, strong and very well endowed.
They felt special pleasure in beating his genitals. They broke several of his beautiful white teeth. They stuck the nightstick in his anus several times, brutally, deeply, to break it open.
His screams were heard in the neighborhood, but no one dared to approach.
They knew what was happening and saw the police car away.
He had no documents or family, he was just a poor wretch without study or housing.
They stayed there for many hours, so entertained that only stopped the beating when hre boy died.
They left his body hanging from the tree, inert and wounded.
Someone would bury it.

1 comment:

  1. I think the whole scene including the colour is perfect... You are very talented draughtsman! The composition and multiple figurs make the scene looking as a record of reality.
    Though the story is very harsh :-)