Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New drawings, but still in process.

The drawing is not ready. 
I thought of young prisoners of war, beautiful and strong, 
they are the reason for the meeting of all community members.
All men of the tribe take sticks and whips and yearn the opportunity to flog the boys.
Certainly the spanking is so brutal that they can die.
They accept and await resigned and frightened.
They know they can not beg for mercy, they can not escape.

There is influence of Tamsart themes, deals with a similar theme to posted by The Art of Fellows, and something my friend Viste.


  1. This new drawing of yours is amazing! Looks to me like if some men from "infidel" countries were caught by faithful followers of the well known religion and now the catch is being punished while the executors hardly hide their pleasure in it...

    1. Naked.... and displayed for the witnesses to see his severe punishment... He will feel the LASH over his entire body, and they will watch as he writhes under the WHIP... His cries for mercy will not save his flesh from the stinging stripes... nor will the humiliation of his nakedness and LASHING keep his penis from growing stiff even as he suffers the torment...

  2. Parabéns, o blog é um sucesso...

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