Saturday, May 10, 2014

Torture this helpless animal excite me.

I love when his body tied prevents any reaction, prevents him to defends. So all his sensitive parts: nipples, tongue and penis can be tightened and twisted cruelly. Watching him squirm and cry, hear his screams and his tears excite me.


  1. This work of yours is exciting as for the content and very classy as for the execution. I like this style of drawing. Using colour background makes it look almost like "a troix crayon" technique. The white field looks great and helps outlines to stand out!
    Very well done!

  2. j aime vos commentaires ainsi que le rendu de la torture sur le prisionner un peu de sadisme supplementaire aurait ete la pince sur un des testicules

  3. tout a fait d accord avec anonyme la torture sur les balls d un prisionner est vraiment agreable pour le plaisir de l entendre hurler jusqu au moment onn obtient la rupyure complete des balls