Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Naked slaves working in the gold mines.

The gold mines were particularly hot. The slaves who worked there suffered from the heat.
They were monitored, to not steal anything they could find in the mine.
Worked naked, animals can walk naked.
The tunnels were dark and dirty.
When they felt thirsty to drink piss himself. Slaves ate any crap they could find.
Treated as beasts of burden, lasted little, they died young.

The drawings made ​​at the time by moralism represented the best conditions were in reality.
Here I show how it was in fact the work of slaves in the mines.

The drawings are not ready. I'll post in stages.

If you like the drawing, please leave a messege.


  1. I've seen your drawings first. As always very nice. I wish I could too. You are an artist! But I can make you a little note? In my opinion the guards whipping slaves should be dressed, perhaps as military. So the difference would be more apparent among the slaves (only animals, so they have to live, work and die completely naked)) and their guardians (real men, then dressed as civilians)). Do not you think it is more just? However, very good, as always.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I agree with you. I'll try to add the suggested clothes. What I saw is that the mines were so hot, that even free men wore very little clothing.
      But to mark the difference, you can get better. I'll add. Why you made ​​the comment as anonymous? Please identify yourself.

  2. You're right, I'm sorry. I'm your correspondent from Italy. I've also written on your mail. Thank you for your kind response. And once again I congratulate you for your art. A hug from slave to slave

  3. Sweating men enduring hard labor is very exciting- moreso because of the whippings.
    The drawings are very stimulating, to say the least...

  4. Very engaging drawings!

  5. Pote, although there are times when I like the contrast between the men laying the WHIP on and the men receiving the WHIP (the whipmasters are dress in monk's robes, military uniforms, etc.) I also very much like the sight of men, all of them NAKED engaging in the punishment and sadism of the SCOURGE. Why shouldn't a man who is LASHING the body of another man show his own strength and manhood to the man to be punished? The sight of a muscular naked man wielding his WHIP while fully naked and perhaps even with a stiff penis is exciting and shows the whipped man what bonds and unites them both. The WHIP is like the PENIS in many ways..... and the hot stinging stripes on the sweating flesh are like the semen that has been spurted on it....