Tuesday, August 3, 2021

During the night, the pleasure of milking the prisoner.

Having the prisoner tied to the stake day and night allows the prisoner to be used at any time. I found it especially fun to milk the prisoner at dawn. Using the pliers I squeezed his nipples to excite him, then using the same pliers I manipulated his cock until he came. The process with the pliers, hurts your skin and your flesh, causes wounds and bleeding.
To help the bitch survive, I collect his cum and make him swallow it.
Doing this milking at night excites me, the process is painful and beautiful!


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  1. Sure, you can have the fun of milking 💦 the fagot's dick a couple of times for entertainment. It's funny, and so easy, to sexually manipulate these guys. ⛓ Again, it is interesting to see how much pain they can endure and still maintain an erection. But basically weird guys. 🤨