Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I explained to my parents that the fag in the family was like a mentally handicapped person, stupid, despicable, and perverted. The fourth of the nine parts.

Over time I persuade my parents and relatives that the fag in the family was like a mentally handicapped person, stupid, despicable and perverted. That the only way to spare the family the shame of having a worm like that was to keep it at home, isolated, away from the world. Our parents' shame turned over time to contempt and anger. My mom never looked at or talked to the fag again.

I was the one who violently took control of our pet domestic fag.

We usually left him naked, wearing only a dog collar. He tidied the house, washed the clothes, the dishes, prepared and served the food. My parents could keep working at the store, the house was our stupid youngest son's job. His servile condition, his chores and his nudity had become so normal that they did not surprise or bother anyone.

Even the closest relatives, uncles and cousins who frequented our house, knew how to treat our little slave.

What excited me the most was the difference in treatment between us, between the two brothers. That's why I was the one who beat, humiliated, and gave orders to the fag all the time, with undisguised cruelty and pleasure.

But if at night, in the privacy of our room, I fucked him and got blowjobs and caress. In front of our parents, I distribute punches, kicks, slaps, and violent lashes to the slave for no reason.

The more people watching the scene, the greater my cruelty and pleasure in humiliating him.

I was the one who took a special pleasure in punishing him with the greatest cruelty and violence when we had the largest audience. When our uncle and cousin were home, I liked to whip my animal with his leather belt in front of everyone.

Not that anyone cared, or even watched. Everyone continued talking or eating as if nothing was happening. The fact that people didn't look and didn't mind the violence of the spanking increased the animal's humiliation and my excitement.

But it was he, the fag boy, who was especially excited, horny, and willing, almost asking to be humiliated and beaten in front of everyone. The lust fag wanted and liked it as much as I did.

Only the two of us knew that.

This is the fourth post of the nine that I am doing together with my Italian friend: https://theitalianslave.bdsmlr.com/. This fantasy is ours, but it relates the life he should have.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

When the Covid pandemic imposed quarantine, I managed to convince my family to lower my fag brother to a bitch slave.

Then, in 2020, when I was 20 years old, the global pandemic caused great damage to health and the world economy. Many small traders were forced to close their stores and wait for state aid. Among these unfortunate shopkeepers were my parents. Depression, poverty and uncertainty hit my family. I couldn't accept seeing them desperate, we were forced to cut all expenses. So I made a decision and took the opportunity to move forward in my plans to dominate my little brother.

I took advantage of my parents' absence to call my slut to the kitchen and start my plan. I put him wearing only a collar and underwear, kneeling, with his hands behind his back, in the middle of the kitchen waiting for Mom and Dad to come back. I ordered him to be quiet and to leave everything in my hands.

I could see the concern in his eyes, the terror of what was going to happen, but he didn't dare to protest. After an hour, the kitchen door opened and my parents entered. They stopped at once, appalled when they saw the fag son in that way on the kitchen floor.

I was also nervous, but I didn't show it. I explained to my parents that their fagot son had decided to help in this crisis situation, becoming our slave. My parents didn't immediately understand what I meant, they still looked shocked and looked at the fag with disgust.

I explained that the fagot recognized that he would not have a normal future, he would never be anything good for the family. So the boy asked us to stop wasting any money on him. I explained that the youngest fagot asked that, from that day on, we no longer consider him as part of the family, but only as our slave.

I told them that he, as a fagot slut, recognized that he did not have good friendships, that he would never have a good job and that he would not know how to use his freedom. Then I explained my plan to take complete control of the fagot's life: slavery 24/7/365, with no return, without any limit of use or abuse. I showed how much we would save by selling all his stuff: his personal computer, his cell phone, all his electronics; and not spending more on food, college and clothes. His goods would be used by the family to pay the store's debts. In addition, from that day on he would take over all the household chores, all the various tasks that make us, and my mom feel free to relax.

To my surprise, it was not difficult to convince them: Dad immediately looked at the reports and agreed with me. As expected, Mom tried to defend him, but after a while we convinced her that this option was the best for the family and even for the fag.

To show that the decision was also the fag desire, I went to him and with a knife I tore his underwear to show everyone how happy the fag was: his erection took an overpowering leap and to surprise everybody, the sperm gushed in front of us and flooded the floor .

My parents were shocked and embarrassed by the scene! It was at this point that my father stood up with bloodshot eyes and gave him a resounding slap in the face that knocked him down for a few seconds. Screaming: "You're a disgusting, disgraceful worm, faggot!"

What followed was the most surreal thing possible. We sat at the table discussing all the new changes to be made while our slave began to clean, naked on all fours, licking and drinking all the sperm off the floor.

My mother said that: "Since we are not going to receive visitors at all, this whore can be naked at home without a problem".

When my mother left, my father whispered in my ear: "Son, if you want to fuck this slut and make it suck you, feel free, this is no longer part of the family. Use this bitch and stay at home, with this pandemic it's safer".

One thing was immediately clear to me: I had won, now it was mine.

This is the third post of the nine that I am doing together with my Italian friend: https://theitalianslave.bdsmlr.com/. This fantasy is ours, but it relates the life he should have.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

When my fag brother turned 18, I was free to abuse my whore without limits. Part two of nine.

When my youngest brother turned 18, I was freer to broker my whore. While he was a minor, I only lent and rented him to friends who were little older than my fag.
When he came full age I could use him and explore him without any concern. 
To celebrate the new situation, I had my little brother sign some papers saying that he accepted being mine bitch, that he accepted being used, rented or loaned by me to anyone, without restrictions.

I got the keys to a sports equipment store at our school, so I could use it on Saturday, when no one would be there or around. I invited eighteen people, including my closest friends and some cousins, and we agreed how the rules of the coming-of-age party would be, the party of 18!
The only one who didn't know anything was the birthday gay.
I took him to school and in front of the storeroom door I undressed him, blindfolded his eyes, tied his wrists and I made him swallow one viagra.

The guests were waiting for us with the drink and the willingness to use it. As the first stage of the party, we have him walking on all fours and on his knees, sucking all the guests' cocks, drinking all the milk.  So, for the rest of the party time, we tied him up with his legs apart and took turns, each of the guests fucking him as many times as he wanted.
As we fill the cow with cum many times through all the holes, we milked the bitch every time we fuck it, dozens and dozens of times until we exhaust the slut completely.
We spent hours in this function of filling and milking the cow.
One of the guests brought a harness and we gagged our animal throughout the party. Sometimes he cried, yelled desperate, vomited and choked, begging for mercy, but all his moans, cries and pleas really sounded like the mooing of a cow.
He was used with violence and cruelty, tied up and blindfolded all the time, so he never knew who was participating in the party and the massacre.

We found some pieces of hoses and used them as whips to cruelly punish our whore.
We were all drunk, we had smoked marijuana too, and we didn't even realize how much we hurt our fag. In the following weeks he had many purple and black marks and bruises all over his body. I heard him crying softly in our room for many nights.

But not once did he come to complain or say that he was sad or disappointed with what I did to him. When he cried at night I told him to come to my bed and suck my dick. He came on all fours, naked, sucked my cock lovingly, when I came he drank everything until he left my penis clean and relaxed. Then, after the blowjob, I use to give him a violent slap in the face and kick him back into his bed.

He just always obeyed.
All the slut faggot did was always express his consent, lust and fate.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The story of the sissy and submissive brother I had. Part one of nine.

From our childhood I realized that my youngest brother was a submissive fag, and that he adored me so much that he really wanted to satisfy all my wants and needs. I soon learned to use it and oppress it without any limits or pity. He never complained, nor told our parents, that since I was a teenager I used to go to his bed, in the middle of the night, fuck him every time I was horny. Every day, I made him carry my school supplies, I ate his school food, he did all my housework, my homework and bought my things with his allowance. He accepted and liked it, his hard cock and his obedience stimulated my perversions and cruelty.

Just to be clear, I don't hate him, I just despise him for being stupid, so I decided to control his life. There is nothing more natural than that he is my slave, whore and fagot.

When he was only 12, I told our parents that he was the school fagot. Our parents got very depressed and since then, they haven't even tried to hide their disappointment and shame. They started to treat him in a colder and more distant way. I was the beloved son, older, bigger, more charismatic and manly, the difference in treatment was huge. I was the pride of my parents, he was the shame.

Since then I was free to treat my younger brother even more brutally, humiliating him, slapping and punching him both at school and at home, without anyone bothering me. And my vagrant fagot got excited about it, all the time, everywhere.

I often invited my friends from school to go home and play video games. During the games my slave gave massages, served soft drinks and snacks. My parents got used to see the boy in his underwear and collar being humiliated by me and my friends.

After the games, we all went to our room to beat, humiliate and fuck the bitch, make him suck the winners' cock and drink all their cum!

When we were at school, I would lend my brother to my friends every day to be raped in the school bathroom. Sometimes I rented my slut, selling his famous blowjobs to students that I didn't even know the names of. Renting my whore gave me extra money for cigarettes.

He was simply mine, he never complained, murmured or denounced anyone. His hard dick showed all the time that he enjoyed his life as much as I did. 

We had opposite and complementary natures.

I was born handsome, straight and smart, he was just a stupid and servile fagot.

This is the first post of the nine that I am doing together with my Italian friend: https://theitalianslave.bdsmlr.com/. This fantasy is ours, but it relates the life he should have.


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

If the government is of God, all who are against the government are of the devil!

Since the fascist government supported by fundamentalist parties was elected, a series of laws have criminalized everything that was at odds with the Bible. If the government is of God, all who are against the government are of the devil! Homosexuality, non-Christian cults, atheism, communism or simply opposition to the government constitute a serious crime.
Any member of groups accused of any of these demonic practices was summarily tried by pastors and by groups of faithful fanatics. The sentences rescued ancient biblical penalties, such as castration, amputation of limbs, tongues, blindness, flogging, stoning and crucifixion.
After the initial strangeness, public executions became very common, natural and popular. The accused were quickly tried in temples or courts, the sentences quickly defined, and the convicted were removed and dragged to public squares for execution.

This hateful sinner has been accused of atheism and homosexuality! The sentence in these cases first established that he would be flogged for days until he confessed and denounced all his partners. At this stage of the interrogation, red-hot irons are stuck in his ass and boiling water is poured into Organs genitals.
Then, the hated sinner is dragged through the streets, he was hung on the cross and his penis and scrotum nailed to the pillar.

People in the streets and squares applaud, photograph and celebrate these executions. They think the world is better and safer without these sinful and cursed creatures.
The fag will stay there, hanging until he dies from bleeding or shortness of breath. During the time necessary for his death, popular people will take selfies with him in the background, will spit and throw stones at him. All good citizens must publicly express their hatred for this type of sinner. All families must support and celebrate that this enemy of god is deservedly destroyed.
The laws and values ​​of the majority must be imposed on everyone! The different ones must be punished and eliminated.

I accompany several fetishists who love images of crucifixion, such as Arithemin, CruxNico and crassuswild. CruxNico writes exciting texts on the subject, and the incredible artist crassuswild, who makes very expressive crucifixion drawings! Arithemin draws sequences of delicious images.
The great artist Sherwin makes the best crucifixions drawings I have ever encountered.
I recommend everyone to know their work. I love their work, in a way this post is a tribute to them.


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Violent and extreme pain and suffering destroy all the animal's conscience and identity.

Extreme, violent and constant pain and suffering destroy the animal's conscience and identity. Since this stupid fagot was handed over to employees like another pig in the herd, the team has committed to destroy any vestige of dignity or humanity in it.
Brutal humiliations, violence and constant rapes taught the disgusting worm that it was no longer of any value, nor should it have any hope.

Treated and fed like a pig, among the pigs, it soon seemed to conform to his worthless condition.
However, once a month, usually on a quieter Saturday, the employees took the pig to beat it even more violently, sadistically and at length. There were sessions of more than four hours of whipping and very brutal torture.
The heavy animal was hung by ropes and slowly descended on wooden shafts that penetrated deep into its ass, widening and wounding it. Impaled and hung like that he was whipped until his entire body was covered with bruises, wounds and scars.

The most curious thing is that, sometimes, during the torture the fagot still had a monumental erection! The employees were so angry by this obscenity, that when the pig's penis grew, they would tie its stick to the beam and whip it until it almost destroyed the pig's dick.
Those hours of torture and flogging amused employees who had fun, talked, drank beer, ate barbecue and played around their hated fagot.
At the end of the day, rested, they went to their homes to enjoy the weekend, and left the pig spiked and hanging, crying, moaning and suffering alone until Monday.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The cart was a form of transportation and punishment.

The rich and powerful Saltykova kept all her servants and slaves in very violent and humiliating conditions. She used to organize stunning and impressive parties, banquets and large celebrations with very luxurious orgies in the summer festivities.

Poor families, indebted to the noble Baroness, were forced to surrender their most mature children as part of the payment and interest on their debts, as slaves. These young men were used for the heaviest and most humiliating jobs, and the most handsome were prostituted and regularly raped. They were always kept naked, chained, and were often whipped and tortured during all season.

The Baroness liked to visit her most influential and wealthy friends, strolling through the Troitskoye in an open carriage on pleasant summer afternoons. The cart was a form of transportation and punishment. She ordered the coachman to be especially cruel and severe with the whip. The naked footman pulled the open carriage, being whipped violently, all the time, all the way.

There was no law to prevent this practice, after all the serfs or animals were in the same category, they were just properties of the Russian nobles.