Sunday, September 19, 2021

The day famous Twitter influencer Tommy Trash was sold as a sex slave.

Tommy Trash became known on Twitter ( as a submissive willing to be held captive and chastity. He had over 30,000 followers and fans in various countries and began to be invited to parties, clubs and events for various purposes and participants.
So he didn't suspect when they invited him to spend the night in a charming hotel on the English coast with some foreign followers. What he didn't expect is for the drink to contain sleeping pills and for him to wake up hanging by his wrists being manipulated and tortured by potential foreign buyers.
Deep down that had always been his fantasy, but he wasn't buying it, neither happy nor comfortable when it came true. The vendors kept his cap and chastity belt so that those interested could recognize him, it was the Tommy Trash that was there, hanging and for sale.
He was gagged, his screams or moans not altering the conversation between sellers and interested parties. Tommy was a bit doped up, he didn't understand the languages ​​and the values ​​discussed.
But when the whips hurt his body and the cigars burned his skin he realized it wasn't just an act, he was actually being sold as a toy to some millionaire capable of taking him where he could never go back.
Another slave hanging by his heels wept desperately and pissed himself as he was whipped violently and cruelly by would-be buyers. Tommy understood however that he was the star of the night, his notoriety on Twitter made him an expensive and coveted toy.
The very next day, he would be taken on the buyer's yacht and transported by sea to where he would spend the rest of his whore life.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

These two animals were originally servants who, because of indebtedness, were reduced to working animals.

During the summer, Russian noble families prefer to stay in their urban mansions, in cities animated by festivals, events and musical and theatrical performances.
Young people want to go to dances and social events to start dating and make friends. Urban palaces are full of residents and guests, excited by events and parties.
One of the farm's foremen was called by the feudal lord to take care of the maintenance and repairs of the palace and its gardens. The image shows the foreman arriving at the summer palace, accompanied by his wife, an assistant and some work animals.
He brought a horse and two pack animals from the farm to work in the gardens. These two animals were originally servants who, because of indebtedness, were reduced to working animals. The Foreman, to signal the humiliation of those beings, ordered them to cut off their tongues and not dress as men, so that there would be no misunderstandings.
They began to live in the stables, tied up like cows, oxen and pigs. In decades treated in this way, neither they nor anyone else on the farm found these special animals strange.
Like horses, they needed protections on their hind legs, which in this case were just cotton and leather bands to protect the soles of their legs. Like other animals, they were commanded with short orders and lashes. These two beasts were no more than that, animals of the lord of the farm.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

The cycle that repeats itself: the pleasure of objectification.

More than physical pain and humiliation, the greatest sadistic pleasure is the reduction of a human being to the condition of a thing, or an animal. 
The greater pleasure of gradually erasing everything that makes a person human, his history, his identity, his feelings, ideas or values, leaving only flesh and blood.
This process is so exciting that often, after it is completed, the object is no longer of any interest to the Owner, and ends up being sold or discarded.
On the other hand, for the inferior fag, what moves him is the love and the lust. It is the adoration of the superior being that makes him submit to the process of unconditional surrender. 
Therefore, when he renounced himself, when he surrendered all he had or was to his adored Owner. Being sold or discarded as meaningless garbage is the final step in reducing it to nothing. 
The only way to be really nothing, just a body without rights, value or importance.
Only in this way does he fully fulfill his role and destiny.


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

The Precinct bitch, Part Two.

When the cops take me up to use and have fun, they are absolutely reassured about their unlimited right to my body.
Throughout the year, in my daily routine, when a police car passes by me, I always look forward to being captured and used. Even when they just walk past me, I get anxious, excitedly wishing they would catch me.
When the car stops and they get out to humiliate me and arrest me I get excited, happy and just relax and obediently and resignedly accept their orders. From that moment on, nothing else matters, I can just focus on accepting, feeling and supporting everything they will do to me. They'll dispose of me for as long as they want, it could be hours, days or even weeks. I don't argue, I don't question or complain ever.
They yell and offend me and slap them aggressively, although I obey them calmly, silently and sweetly.
When they tell me to take off my clothes, I get ready quickly, without question. I admit that I love it when they handcuff me naked, and violently throw me in the trunk of the car. I go happy and excited in the car to the police station.
At the police station they always beat me and rape me countless times, in countless sessions, they always do everything with the gates of the police station open, all the time, to the street, allowing passersby to see everything they do to me.
This lack of shame and embarrassment from them increases my embarrassment and turns me on.
By doing everything so publicly they explain to the whole neighborhood and to myself that they own me, that I am their slut bitch.
No one in the neighborhood mocks or offends me. My family, merchants and neighbors all know and accept that I am the whore at the police station.
After the beatings and rapes my body is all scarred and bruised for weeks. Even so, I walk around the neighborhood always shirtless, so that everyone can see the aching scars of my role.
I know I can never have a job, study, family or friends, nor do I want any of that, because I know I'm inferior fag, I'm the scum, the outcast of the community. One day, if I don't die from being beaten so badly, I'll end up living on the street, or gladly locked up in a cell to be definitely theirs bitch.
This is my role, my dream and my destiny.

Friday, September 3, 2021

I really love being the police station slut.

The first time Sergeant Peçanha did this to me I was only eighteen years old and I was returning home from the bakery, shirtless, wearing only baggy shorts. The policeman stopped me, asked for the documents and during the search, while he was feeling me, he noticed how horny I was and my erection. Our eyes met, denouncing common interests and affinities.
He threw me in the police car, took me to the neighborhood police station, beat me, raped me and made me suck the cocks of all his colleagues at the police station. I couldn't hide how much I loved it, and neither did they.
This has become our game and our deal. I walk around my neighborhood always without my documents, barefoot, wearing only old shorts and almost always without a shirt, so that every month they surround me on the street, "stop me to search", and take me to the police station.
They like to capture me on the busiest streets in my neighborhood. In front of the bus stops, the bakery or the bars, where people are crowded.
Usually still there, during my arrest on the street, in front of everyone, during the "police search" I'm already violently slapped in the face, kicked, punched, cursed, ripped off my shorts in the street, just for the pleasure of exposing my nudity and erection to whoever passes by at the time. So naked I am handcuffed and thrown into the car. The shorts I wear are left lying there, on the dirty floor of the street, making it clear that I'm not going to wear anything else at the police station.
I admit that I love being humiliated and exposed like this, in public, especially in front of my neighborhood.
As soon as we arrive at the police station, they take me out of the car, throw me on the dirt floor of the yard and beat me, whip me there, in plain sight, making it clear that they are not afraid of accusations or accusations.
They revel in the crackle of whips in the air and on my flesh. The crackling sound of whipping is heard many blocks from the police station. They are so fond of whipping me that they spend hours taking turns doing the job. People passing on the street in front of the police station can see the scene through the open gate.
Then they bend over the car and rape me in plain sight.
After the rapes, still there, in the courtyard of the police station, I suck the dick of all the police and employees of the police station, even the cleaning staff who want to participate. Only after hours, after dozens of blowjobs, covered in bruises, wounds and sperm, did they throw me into some nearby wasteland.
So I have to walk back, alone, injured, dirty and naked to my house.
We've been making this game monthly for over ten years. None of my family or neighbors ever talked about it. Everyone knows I'm the bitch at the neighborhood police station.
What Sergeant Peçanha realized years ago was that I was born for this, he identified my nature as a bitch. I really love being the police station slut.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Take this animal and just give me back the cock and its balls inside the glass!


You really are a fucking fag bitch, I told you we were going to cut off your dick and balls, you knew I could do that, whenever I wanted! I'm your Owner, imbecile! I do what I want with this body! Stop making drama, crying, begging, none of this will change my mind! I warned you that if you got a hard-on when you were whipped, I'd have it cut off!

Take this animal and just give me back the cock and its balls inside the glass! They can take it and tie it up! Cut it off without anesthetic!

Ten years ago when you signed the papers and agreed to be mine, I told you it would be no limits or back. You're a stupid cunt, but I guarantee you know that your dick's place is inside that glass, you know it's the right place!

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Now we can count on animals developed and adapted for the toughest jobs.

Since hyper liberalism came to power in the world, governments have eliminated all labor legislation that disturbed the free negotiation of working conditions. Innovative contract modalities were created, with total flexibility and freedom.
Thus, in the second half of the 21st century, the world advanced for the supremacy of capital over archaic, corrupt and obsolete state structures. With the disappearance of nation states, in these new times everything can be traded, everything can be sold or bought. Police services and the entire judicial system were privatized and made efficient and profitable.
All sorts of illegal migrants, criminals, vagabonds, drug addicts, miserable people and socially excluded that crowded the luxurious and very expensive jails started to be rented and sold to companies for the most varied purposes.
When these good-for-nothings lose all human rights and are defined as animals, their bodies can be managed and transformed by their owners. In these new times it is forbidden and considered immoral to dress animals as if they were people.
The most unhealthy, heavy, and brutal jobs were taken on by these beasts of burden. These beasts are fed balanced rations with steroids, vitamins, hormones and drugs to build muscle and the endurance needed to work more than 14 hours a day, seven days a week, without unproductive rest. As beasts become stronger and more muscular, it is necessary to keep them chained, gagged (avoid bites) and with steel rings to facilitate immobilization. Furthermore, drugs adjust the functioning of their brains, making them calmer, stupider and more docile.
This animal until a few years ago was a poor bricklayer harmed by alcoholism. Unemployed, he ended up living on the streets and being arrested for vagrancy and petty theft. Auctioned was purchased by a construction company. As a slave to the company, he gained muscle mass (more than twenty kilos of muscles), strength and grew more than five centimetres.
Now he can work at a good pace for 16 hours a day, seven days a week. Back pain is resolved with pain relievers and drugs, slowing down with electric shock tools and whips.
The brutal and humiliating treatment of beasts is part of the policy of submission. Paid workers and slave caretakers treat slaves violently and humiliatingly at all times. Urinating in their faces, slapping them and kicking their dicks and balls are regular ways to get attention and make fun of animals.
This slut fagot has lost count of how many times he's been raped by other slaves and employees. Some of these employees were his colleagues when he was human, but they didn't even recognize him.