Sunday, July 25, 2021

The different ways to ride human beasts.

Animals of the human species can be used as beasts of burden and mount. Despite we have to recognize that these animals are not very suitable to be ridden like horses. 

When we mount them, a slave on all fours, the saddle is too low. The rider has to take care that his own legs do not rub against the ground. The rider's weight on the spine and the resistance of the knees to the load make the animal very inefficient. It is suggested to ride in this way only as a form of fun and humiliation, for a short time and over short distances.

When we mount the animal on two legs we can saddle it over the hips or over the shoulders. Riding on the hips of the human beast, we must throw the top of the animal forward in order to balance the weight of the jockey and even the load that can be carried. This position is comfortable for both the rider and the beast. In this way the animal can carry loads for some distance and at a good pace. The problem is the destruction of the animal's spine and kidneys.

By riding on the shoulders we can make the slave lean forward and develop good speed. It is the most common position for speed sports. One problem with this way of riding on human beasts is excessive height. If the animal stumbles and falls, the rider will fall from a height of more than a meter and a half, and may be injured.

For all forms of riding on human beasts the size, bearing and strength of the animals is very important. Always choose strong and large animals. To ride them better select riders and jockeys of smaller size.

Hence, carriages and carts solve the demand for carrying bigger and heavier people. Two-wheeled chariots or four-wheeled carts for heavier loads can be pulled or pushed by human beasts without difficulty.

In all forms harnesses, side visors, spurs and whips are needed to control and motivate animals. Protecting the toes of the hind legs helps to prevent injuries and stumbling, protecting the feet is prudent, as horseshoes protect the horses' hooves.

Remember, brute animals are not endowed with intelligence or character, only pain and fear keep them focused and disciplined.


  1. Sir, very useful guide for the master to choose the best ride option! Love the representations, so real! Wish I could be used like that in public to carry my masters

  2. For the sport 🏆, the direct riding on the human animal may seem quite amusing, but one must not ignore, that in that case, one is dependent on the ability, the strength and above all on the skills of the animal 🤔. However, given their lack of intelligence, one should not trust them that much. It is not only much more elegant 🤴 to let yourself be pulled in a carriage, you can also accelerate the pace very easily by occasionally hitting theis bare ass with the cradle 👍.

    1. You're absolutely right, they are more treacherous, lazy and dangerous animals than horses, so we have to keep them well tethered and we have to use the whips with more violence and cadence to gain rhythm.