Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hanging the fagot without taking advantage to unload all the violence, sadism and the sexual tension of the team, would be a waste of opportunity.

When the sentence of death by hanging for a poor prisoner and without family arrived the employees of the penitentiary already knew what would be the procedure. 
The unfortunate would be buried soon after he died, so why not make a farewell more fun for the staf? In the week before the execution, the prisoner was beaten, humiliated, and raped by all prison officers several times. For the whole week he was forced to feed himself with shit and pee.
The penitentiary director said that this was the best way to prepare the prisoner to accept his fate. Make him understand that life was no longer worth it. He was beaten and cruelly treated to make resign himself.
On the day set for execution he was placed on the bench of the hanged men, with arms, legs and feet tied tightly, as usual. The rope was wrapped around his neck and he was hoisted to the limit of choking.
When the director came to direct the execution, he ordered to lowered his trousers  and his shirt pulled back to the ropes. The prisoner was kept in this way, exposed practically naked to the audience, having to balance himself in order not to die fighting with the lack of air.
As everyone hoped would happen when the convict was almost breathless he had one last beautiful erection. At that moment one of the guards tied the base of his scrotum tight enough so that the erection lasted even longer.
The director then ordered that instead of simply overthrowing the man and ending his torment, one of the guards would begin to whip him brutally.
Everyone was amused watching the condemned effort to maintain the balance. Even though he knew that death was certain, inevitable, and imminent, he struggled to prolong his life as long as he could.
Some of the audience would bet on how many lashes would be needed to knock the animal off the bench.

Eventually, when he, by carelessness or tiredness, lost his balance and fell, his body swayed in the air hanging from the gallows, in agony till death.
Few condemned people accepted without fighting their end. Even after so much suffering and humiliation, the attachment to life still resisted.

To all those workers in the prison these unknown and unimportant prisoners were pure fun.

Bury them without taking advantage of the last days to unload all the violence, the sadism and the sexual tension of the team, would be a waste of opportunity. The entire prison administration agreed that it was better to choose an inmate to channel the physical, sexual, and psychological violence of the team.

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  1. As always - great drawing! It depicts the story so well you immagine it even without reading... great concept!