Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A strong,blind, raw slave, pulling the plow under the sun.

He was born totally stupid, he should to be a retarded, he never did or said anything clever. He never went to school, illiterate, uneducated, quarrelsome and aggressive, moved away from his family, never had friends. Never had even documents.
He soon become an alcoholic, the vices of drinking and gambling, making bets bigger and bigger, often made priceless debts. He lived changing all the time of neighborhood, or city, to escape the charges and the police.
He slept in the streets, did little work or robbed and disturbed the people of the country. He was big and strong, usually working loading and unloading trucks.

One day, totally drunk, he made his last bet, and he lost his freedom.
The owner of his debt sold him to the foreman of a farm in the middle of nowhere.
He traveled for weeks to the most remote area of ​​agricultural expansion in the country.
Where small and poor farmers struggle against hard land and the poverty to try to plant something.

There he was reduced to a beast of burden. He spent all his time naked and tied up.
So that he did not try to escape his owners decided to blind him. In an unknown and depopulated land, blind and naked, he could not escape or survive.
In land so remote and poor, did not have many women, so he was used and raped by the other workers, cruelly whipped and beaten daily. The beatings and the strong sun soon turned his skin into a thick, sturdy leather.
Hard, steady work strengthened his muscles.
He lost all his humanity, became an animal.
In this way he lived for two decades, until one day he died working as the beast he became.


  1. Superb. This drawing has my fingers itching to grab the whip. Thanks. TAM

    1. Thank you! And the story, did you like?