Sunday, January 29, 2017

Monks whipping a novice. To LASHEM

My young and handsome son, I know how much you want to submit to God, but we can still see that the Devil inhabits yours body and mind.
We will continue beating, whipping, torturing, burning, fasting, praying, and doing penances until your body is free from the sin of lust.
But for today I'm tired of flogging you. I believe that Brother Carmelo can not help us any longer.

I'll take you to your cell, you'll be naked all the time. Let's tie your hands so you can not touch yourself.
The priests and bishops will continue to piss on you, your tongue will continue to cleanse the sacred but filthy anus. The Demon of lust that inhabits his body will continue to suck the sacred penis of the priests who are tempted for your sins, starting now by myself and Brother Carmelo, so yours terrible sins return to their origin.

Your father was wise to send you to the monastery. You were born of sin, born for sin. If you had not been forced and tied, you would have lost your soul.

Do not be discouraged, we will teach you to be humble and obedient.
Even if we take tens of years, even if we have to surrender your body to earth, even if we have to surrender your soul to God.

As long as you cum and come after being flogged, we can not stop. You understand?
We are fighting against demons, against their lower instincts.

Do not get discouraged, keep praying a lot .


  1. POTE!!! Thank you, Brother!! Beautiful.... the Brother is stripped naked and lovingly WHIPPED by the other monks! His body is presented for the holy punishments... and he is encouraged to confess under the LASH!! Let him be stretched taut between tow columns in the middle of the torture chamber where he can be tormented in front of the crucifix for his inspiration.... he will be strengthened seeing the images of the saints and martyrs who endured their own naked torments...

  2. Divine punishment, holy punishment, confession under the lash, lashed in front of the crucifix to inspire............. among images of the saints and martyrs enduring their naked torments.........
    A Brother lovingly lashed by monks

    1. Yes, Ocean Boy.... Lashed and confessed in the presence of the crucifix. Whipped for the Nazarene. You and I should discuss the necessity of the WHIP..... Lashem.

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