Sunday, September 18, 2016

Naked slave hogtie. Ready to castrate.

This slave was tied up and placed naked in the square to be sold.
The animal could stay over there for days until someone wanted to buy it until its owner receive any fair offer.
At this time the poor animal would not be fed or be untethered.
He would be exposed to rain, cold, hunger, your piss pour the floor, your shit accumulate.

His penis and scrotum were tied to seem larger, this also diminished the dirt, but sometimes were tied so tight that could necrose.
Buyers could choose whether they wanted: the complete animal, with his scrotum and penis; or castrated. This was common understanding - that the castrated beast was more docile and obedient, castrated animals rarely fled. For security, for domestic work, wealthy families also preferred castrated slaves.
Others prefer them full power, well endowed, to have fun with your sex.

Some died when castrated by bleeding.


  1. Great work, as usual, Pote - your style gets better and better, you definetely have an admirer in me!

    1. My friend! I am your admirer! I love your drawings, your praise has the highest importance. Thank you very much.

  2. I find your works very inspiring in many ways :-) I love the way you portrait the nipples of this slave... they beg for attention ;)