Friday, May 30, 2014

A tribute to Glauco Mattoso.

Imagine they hired a whore for the blind guy could hear the sound of the different types of whips .

I have this fantasy. Already paid a whore who said not enjoy being whipped. I do not know if it was true, if he was sincere, prostitutes are not usually honest, but I was into the idea that he accepted the beating by money, by necessity. 

I am whipped every day by horny, for love, for enjoy. 

I did this drawing figuring that the boy agreed to be cruelly whipped for hours. He agreed to be tied to better withstand the beating. 
For him money is very important, he needs the money. Handle with the excruciating pain is so hard. The pain is almost insupportable. 
For men who paid is just fun. They beat by the pleasure of seeing the boy's skin marked by the whip, by the joy to see the blood dripping. They feel happy to see him crying, sweating, moaning and begging. Pure fun. No guilt, no fear, no pity and no regrets.
Surely they will make it suck their dicks sticky cum at the end of the session.

I like the drawings Sherwin . He elaborates complex situations in which his characters suffer , resigned to his fate . His mastery of anatomy , perspective and proportion are excellent . His sadism is delicious . This drawing is also a tribute to my friend , Sherwin.

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  1. Pote, thank you for your very kind comment on my works... I admire your style and skill and I share a big part of your fantasies and immagination. I am always looking forward to seeing your new works and I am never dissapointed!