Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The man remained hanging naked all night.

Feeling his wrists aching, his hands no longer felt.
The backs were burning. Every muscle, every part hurts too much.
Even during the cold morning he was sweating, felt the sweat dripping all over her body. Pain seems to warm.
He was afraid of losing hands for lack of blood circulation.
The hunger, the tiredness, even the headache were no bigger than fear.
His tears, saliva and piss were mixing with the sweat.
The dust and dirt stuck to the moist body.
But he knew that before he fell hook, whip back to punish your body.


  1. Beautiful. I also like what you write to tell your designs. In this case, the physical pain but also the moral suffering of the slave. His fears but also the realization that for him there is no choice, it will always be that way forever.
    I'm your friend Antonio from Italy if you have not figured out

    1. Dear Antonio,
      Thanks for the comment. Do you think the fact that the drawing represents only the animal decreases the pleasure of anyone who sees it? Would look better with the surroundings? With the other characters?

    2. Dear friend, I answer only now because I have been absent for some time. I saw your response to my comment.
      Yes, maybe if there is anything that describes the environment might be more exciting, but that's fine too. The important thing that the servant has the feeling that there is no choice for him I hope. Just whip, hunger, torture and then death when the owner wants it
      Antonio, the Italian

  2. Beautiful, Pote.... one of the very best of your drawings showing the fully stretched body of a man naked and waiting for the LASH!... I'd like to see this same drawing AFTER his scourging!...and perhaps as he is touched with hot embers on the NIPPLES... and erect PENIS...