Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The employee seemed to need the money a lot, but he might like to be treated like that.

When the boy started working at the firm, nobody had no idea how much he needed the job, how poor his family was.
He was inexperienced, a bit clumsy, and no matter how much he tried to accomplish his orders, he only made mistakes and did everything wrong.

At the end of the first month the boss told him that he would fire him.
The boy begged to stay, said that he needed too much work and money, that under no circumstances could he lose his job.
It was then that the boss realized the possibilities that the situation opened.

With every mistake, with every fault of the employee, the scoldings and the punishments became more cruel, insane and without limits.
The first punishments began with the slaps, soon evolved for punches, the beatings with the belts began in a few months.

After the other employees left, when the office was empty and they were alone, the boss would tie the boy and whip him. During the beatings, it was impossible not to notice that the man was very excited by the beatings, his cock stiff and running cum.

A few beatings later the boy, still stunned, sore and with the body covered by the welts crawled up to his tormentor and sucked his cock. In the following days, soon after being sucked, the boss took the employee's pants and raped him.

It soon became clear that it was for this reason that the boy was in the company. They both knew that this would become routine, spanking and sex every night.

The boy's salary has grown over the years, as have beatings.
The boss's children finished college, the employee's children were arrested for possession of drugs. Both marriages completed golden marriages, although their relationship was so close, although they worked together for more than thirty years, the wives never met or went to the company.

No one ever knew if any of them had any objections to their practices.

After more than three decades neither one nor the other seemed to want to change anything in that relationship. They were not friends or kind to each other. They did not even talk when they were alone. The beatings and sex were all they wanted, each other.

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